Buffalo Wild Wings vs Wingstop: Know Difference between Them

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Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild WingsWings are everybody’s comfort food. They are the perfect spicy snack to kick back with or chow down on with friends on a Friday night.

For years, Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings have been delivering these bite-size pieces of joy to every tabletop. And with years of service came non-stop disputes over the best-tasting wings.

The Wingstop vs. Buffalo Wild Wings food feud is not a newly sprouted conflict. Even though B-Dubs has been in the chicken wing game longer than Wingstop, the aviation-themed chicken place has proved itself to be a worthy competitor.

The silent rivalry has been going on for too long, so it’s about time we put an end to this.

We’ll be putting Wingstop and BWW against each other for the ultimate battle of the wings. Both fast-food chains will go head-to-head — or, um, beak to beak — in terms of flavor, spiciness, and even sides with zero bias. Place your bets, and let’s settle this debate once and for all.

A Brief about Wingstop Wings

A Brief about Wingstop Wings

Founded in 1994 in Texas, Wingstop is fairly new to the chain of fast-food restaurants known for their chicken wings. Offering about 12 signature flavors of wingstop, Wingstop has carefully crafted their sauces for years and have won over the hearts of millions.

Since its first international opening in 2010, this pre-jet aviation themed restaurant chain has been skyrocketing in sales and stringing along with a herd of dedicated fans.

With 2,500 locations across the US, over 1,400 locations worldwide, and 100 announced to open in Canada, Wingstop has no plans of slowing down any time soon.

Despite its relatively new brand, Wingstop has unapologetically snatched over fans from other chicken places, such as BWW. But, how?

Top 5 Wingstop Wings Flavor List

Wingstop’s deadliest weapon in the battle of the wings is its unique list of flavors. Sure, 12 options don’t seem like a lengthy menu, but each has its own zing to it. This is what pulls the customers in.

Out of all the flavors, Wingstop has to offer, here are the top 5 foodies couldn’t get enough of –

1. Original Hot

Original Hot

The flavor that put Wingstop among the chicken wing Olympians is none other than the spicy and tangy Original Hot. It’s the sauce that started it all, which is why almost every Wingstop fan’s first try is this flavor.

Doused in a fiery red sauce, these wings are hot enough to make you tear up but addicting enough to make you want a whole bucket to yourself. Although it is considered spicy, it falls to a 7 out of 10 in terms of hotness compared to all the other flavors Wingstop has to offer.

2. Garlic Parmesan

Garlic Parmesan

Imagine the taste of freshly baked garlic bread but smothered on a pack of chicken wings. Wingstop’s Garlic Parmesan dry-rub wings bring this to reality.

With a mouth-watering combo of garlic and buttery Parmesan cheese, this flavor ranks best for mildly spicy wings. Since it’s dry-rub, you get to experience all the flavors of the different herbs and spices in full effect — without the messiness of a goopy sauce.

3. Louisiana Rub

Louisiana Rub

With the undisputedly flavorful Cajun seasoning hailing from Louisiana, Wingstop offers these dry-rub wings that encapsulate the one-of-a-kind Cajun cuisine in bite-sized pieces.

Mildly spicy but undeniably addictive, this flavor has converted newbies to die-hard fans. The crispy and crunchy skin of the wings is doused with a blend of spices — including garlic, cayenne, paprika, oregano, pepper, and more.

4. Atomic


Hitting a perfect 10 on the spiciness scale is Wingstop’s hottest flavor, Atomic. Its spiciness is no joke and has left fans in tears but craving for more. But don’t be fooled; it’s not like those pain factor sauces that don’t have any taste. Atomic is a tasteful balance of different flavors and mouth-watering hotness.

The wings are drenched in flaming red hot sauce and covered with a layer of dried and crushed red chilies. At first bite, the heat immediately kicks in.

5. Spicy Korean Q

Spicy Korean Q

Among all the sauces Wingstop has ever put out, this one is the most complex. It has been through endless trials and errors to balance spiciness with sweetness perfectly. It is extremely difficult to weigh out these two opposite tastes, but Wingstop has mastered it.

Emulating the flavor of classic spicy Korean wings sauce, Wingstop has made its own Spicy Korean Q flavor with a unique twist. Aside from its slight syrupy sweetness, there are also bursts of garlic and ginger. The Sriracha and hot pepper flakes coat the wings, bringing alive the spiciness.

A Brief about Buffalo Wild Wings

A Brief about Buffalo Wild Wings

Known for their signature Buffalo wings and wide range of sauces, Buffalo Wild Wings (or B-Dubs, in short) was founded in 1982 in Ohio. For decades, BWW has been the blueprint for chicken wing delicacies and flavor-packed sauces, paving the way for other fast-food chains.

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a whopping 26 options for sauces and dry seasonings with their freshly cooked chicken wings. These flavors range from a simple salt and vinegar combo to an excruciatingly hot Carolina Reaper sauce.

All these flavors are ranked according to B-Dub’s Sauce Lab scale, ascending from Smilin’, then Sizzlin’, then finally, Screamin’.

There are over 1,238 BWW locations across the US, and several across Canada, Mexico, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Panama, Oman, India, and Vietnam. Since its first opening, the fast-food franchise has been quickly growing in numbers, with no signs of slowing down.

Top 5 BWW Flavor List

It looks like Wingstop has some serious competition. With 26 customizable sauces and dry seasonings, Buffalo Wild Wings is home to a variety of different flavors, each carrying years of careful crafting behind them. There’s a flavor for every taste, which is why B-Dubs has been pulling in fans for years.

Here are the top 5 fan-favorite flavors you can’t miss out on at BWW –

1. Buffalo

Buffalo wings

New to B-Dubs? The Original Buffalo sauce is the first flavor you need to try. It’s a BWW classic and has been in the game for as long as time. Fans often come back to this sauce for nostalgia and its near-perfect combination of spices.

With a blend of BWW’s original hot sauce and spices, these wings are packed with richness. This dry-rub seasoning hovers right above the Sizzlin’ level of the B-Dub’s Sauce Lab scale.

2. Mango Habanero

Mango Habanero

Ask anyone who’s been to Buffalo Wild Wings more than once about a flavor they ordered twice, and it will be Mango Habanero. The flavors are like a ninja in the night, starting with its sweetness at first bite followed by a wave of spiciness.

Out of the 3 hottest flavors BWW has to offer, this sauce falls in third place. Unlike the other two, it won’t numb out your tongue after the first wing but rather take you through a journey of sweetness, tanginess, then, of course, scorching hotness.

3. Chipotle BBQ

Chipotle BBQ

Positioned between Smilin’ and Sizzlin’ on the Sauce Lab scale, Chipotle BBQ dry-rub wings are a must-have for gatherings with family or friends. Its perfect balance of spiciness and sweetness makes it enjoyable for everyone, despite differences in taste.

These dry-rub wings are one of B-Dub’s highest-selling flavors, seasoned with fire-roasted chipotle peppers and BBQ flavoring. Unlike other dry-rub wings, they don’t fall flat in taste after the first couple of bites but are packed with flavor from the skin to bone.

4. Asian Zing

Asian Zing

Inspired by East-Asian cuisine, Buffalo Wild Wings Asian Zing sauce is a blend between tangy and spicy. It hovers above the Sizzlin’ level, which means that it definitely has a kick to it.

Its flavoring is mainly soy along with a range of spices and has a stickiness to its texture. At first bite, you’ll feel the heat of its spiciness; then, gradually, you’re met with an explosion of flavors.

5. Salt and Vinegar

Salt and Vinegar Wings

Out of all the options on the Smilin’ level of the Sauce Lab scale, Salt and Vinegar is the most appetizing. Even though it is the lowest in heat out of all the 26 flavors, its preparation takes a lot of skill, which B-Dubs has perfected.

As simple as the name, these dry-rub wings are tossed in the saltiness and acidity of BWW’s signature Salt and Vinegar seasoning. It’s carefully doused with spices and cooked so that each bite packs a punch.

Wingstop vs Buffalo Wild Wings- Comparison Between Them

Both Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop have an impressive lineup of sauces and seasoning under their belts, but it’s time to draw the conclusion.

We’ve gone through their top 5 fan-favorite flavors; now, we’ll consider other factors to determine the winner of the battle of the wings. Here are Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings, head-to-head –

1. Sides

Both B-Dubs and Wingstop offer the same ol’ side of ranch, celery sticks, and carrots. Though it’s hard to tell since the ranches are similar and often overpowered by the flavor of the wings, Wingstop has a better-tasting ranch that doesn’t fall flat as B-Dubs’ does.

What are wings without fries? Again, both Wingstop and B-Dubs offer loaded fries as sides. But, BWW’s fries are clumped together in stringy pieces with cheese that has a plastic-y feel.

On the other hand, Wingstop’s loaded fries have thick slices of Idaho potatoes and a heaping pile of soft cheese and sauces.

For the first round, we’re going to give a point to Wingstop.

2. Flavors

Buffalo Wild Wings definitely casts a huge shadow over Wingstop with its lengthy 26 flavor list compared to Wingstop’s mere 12. B-Dub’s also takes advantage of its Sauce Lab scale to scatter options along with the hotness levels, giving everyone a choice despite differences in taste.

From sweet, tangy, zesty, and of course, scalding hot, Buffalo Wild Wings has every kind of flavor you can expect with chicken wings. Sadly, Wingstop has yet to reach this level of versatility with its flavors chart.

It looks like this round goes to B-Dubs. Don’t worry, Wingstop fans; your team still stands neck to neck with its competitor.

3. Prices

Wings are a very common snack enjoyed by everyone of all ages, so adding a hefty price to it is pretty pointless. Like most fast-food chains, Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings provide affordable yet quality options, but which has better deals? 

If we look at the original wings from both labels, Wingstop’s pack of 10 Original wings cost $9.59, while BWW’s Original wings cost $15.49 for 10 pieces. This is roughly a 6-dollar difference for the same deal.

Then if we compare dessert options, a slice of B-Dub’s chocolate fudge cake costs $6.29 whereas Wingstop’s triple chocolate chunk brownie, also its only dessert option, costs $1.99.

In general, Wingstop’s options cost 4-6 dollars less than Buffalo Wild Wings’ options.

So, Wingstop is back in the lead with 2-1.

4. Genuinity

Almost every fast-food place offers wings, but only a few have flavors to call their own. Wingstop and Buffalo Wild Wings are the rare few that have original sauces and seasonings, but the question is, how original are they?

As we’ve discussed, Buffalo Wild Wings has been in the fast-food industry longer than Wingstop. They’ve had more time to curate flavors and seasonings to label them as the original. One of these flavors is the Mango Habanero.

B-Dub’s came out with their original flavoring of Mango Habanero wings in 2008. Roughly 5 years later, in 2013, Wingstop debuted their own Mango Habanero wings. While both parties claim their flavors to be original mixes, patrons of both franchises have found uncanny similarities in them.

Since BWW called dibs on Mango Habanero first, we’re going to have to give this round to them.

5. Quality

For the tiebreaker, we’ve decided to look for where the truth actually lies, in the taste. You can tell a lot about the quality of wings judging by their taste.

The first con of BWW’s wings is their spiciest options. On their Screamin’ level, there are about 3 options that are purely spicy with no flavor. They are put there for the experience rather than to actually enjoy. In comparison, Wingstop’s spiciest options are packed with flavor from the skin to the bone without numbing your tastebuds.

Also, some of B-Dub’s seasonings and sauces don’t pass the first layer on the wings. After a few bites, the flavor seems to fade. But with Wingstop, you can tell each round of wings is carefully prepared to satisfy the consumer, start to finish.

Now the question we’ve been waiting for: who’s the crown king of the battle of the wings? It was a close call, but Wingstop takes the cake.

People Also Ask:

Frequently Asked Questions

a. Is Wingstop cheaper than B-Dubs?

Yes. Wingstop offers a range of options from each section on their menu that are 4-6 dollars cheaper than that of Buffalo Wild Wings.

b. Which Wingstop flavor is best?

According to our list of the top 5 fan favorite Wingstop flavors, Original Hot is the best. We’ve put this classic at the top mainly for its long chain of history and nostalgia.

c. Is Wingstop good?

While that is subjective, Wingstop is relatively better than other fast-food chains such as BWW in terms of quality, price, and side options. They also put a lot of thought and effort into preparing their wings, which is why we’ve chosen them as the best in our versus battle.

d. What is the hottest flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings?

The spiciest you can go at Buffalo Wild Wings is with their Blazin’ sauce. This tear-jerking sauce is made from Ghost peppers and reaches an excruciating 350,000 units on the Scoville scale.


We’ve finally discovered the crown king of the Buffalo Wild Wings vs. Wingstop battle, and it’s none other than Wingstop. Despite their newness to the fast-food industry, their attention to detail while preparing food is unmatched and definitely their strong suit.

Regardless, the choice of which wing place is better lies in your hands. Both B-Dubs and Wingstop are the best at their game and have patrons that enjoy wings from both sides.

So, battle aside, take this as an olive branch to extend your tastes and try out flavors from both places.

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