PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Vs Emeril Lagasse 360 : Head To Head

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PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Vs Emeril Lagasse 360Living a healthy life is a dream that everyone strives for, but no one is able to achieve it fully. Consuming a healthy diet is one aspect of healthy living. Healthy eating should not mean giving up on our favorite foods.

Cooking with air fryers is the future of healthy eating. The innovative cooking pots used in this kitchen are powered by electricity and heated by hot air. With this countertop cooking system, you can cook, bake, and roast tasty meals with all the right flavors without using oils, fats, or grease.

Similar to deep fryers, they produce outstanding cooking results. Air fryers produce crispy, crunchy food. Because it lacks the extra calories and fat content of other foods, it is even healthier. Why not invest in an air fryer to start eating healthy?

In this PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Vs. Emeril Lagasse 360 will compare two of the most popular kitchen appliances and figure out which one is better.

Why Do You Need An Air Fryer?

Many fats are accumulated in the bloodstream when frying food through deep frying. That is why deep-fried foods are not healthy. You could employ the use of an air fryer to solve this problem. An air fryer is a useful appliance in the kitchen.

You can use an air fryer to fry all kinds of foods that need frying in your home. They are reliable smart home appliances you can trust.

A hot stream of air is passed over your food as it’s being fried, hence it comes with some benefits that can be an important consideration when purchasing an air fryer. Below are some of the benefits:

Uses Little Or No Oil

Uses Little Or No Oil

Hot air is used to fry food in an air fryer. It is possible to add oil or not to use oil at all. If you want to keep the taste, you can brush a bit of oil on top to enhance the flavor.

Easy And Fast Cooking

Easy And Fast Cooking

An air fryer is what you need if you have a busy schedule. You can fry your food without preheating; thus, you can do other things while the air fryer does its job.

Creating Crispy Food

Creating Crispy Food

Food is fried in an air fryer using hot air. Your food becomes crispy and tastes incredible thanks to the circulating hot air. Plus, there are plenty of recipes online that show how you can make the most out of this kitchen appliance.

A Quick Overview Of PowerXL & Emeril Lagasse 360

Despite the fact that air fryers are great for food frying, not every air fryer can be used in your kitchen. To that end, we present you with PowerXL & Emeril, two of the most popular air fryer brands available.

In this PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Vs Emeril Lagasse 360 comparison, I will compare these two popular models from two different brands and see which one is better for you. With today’s busy lifestyle, it’s essential to pay attention to what you eat, and this fryer supports that.

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Overview

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Overview

The brand is the number one best-selling air fryer manufacturer in the United States because of a variety of reasons. This brand offers some very innovative models that perform many different functions.

Air fryers, convection heaters, and a variety of other outstanding kitchen appliances are some of their best-known devices. As our comparison unit, we will be looking at the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill 8 in 1 unit.

This air fryer doubles as a convection oven as well as an air fryer. Getting more functionality from a single appliance is a great advantage.

PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Features

Having a variety of preset functions makes PowerXL great for decent cooking. This section presents a demonstration of the PowerXL Air Fryer grill’s key features.

Family Size Fryer

Family Size Fryer

A ten-pound chicken can be cooked on the grill, or you can grill six huge burgers and sides. Once cooked, the result is a tender, evenly cooked inside and a juicy chargrilled exterior. Using this countertop appliance, it is possible to reheat, toast, bake, broil, fry, and grill at the touch of a button.

Ease Of Use

The tray can be put right into the dishwasher after you’re done without ruining your outdoor grill. Juices and splatters are caught in the extra-large drip tray during the cooking process. The tray can be removed and cleaned quickly as it slides out. Additionally, it contains recipes for grilling and air frying.

Crispier Air Frying

Crispier Air Frying

Another cool feature of this air fryer is its rapid air crisp circulation technology. An extra crispy golden-fried texture is created by a powerful whirlwind of hot air. A crisp texture can be achieved on fried foods and finished grilled dishes.

Furthermore, you can grill steakhouse-quality meat and vegetables and sear them at high temperatures up to 450°. At the same time, this kitchen appliance keeps them tender without you having to worry about overcooking.


  • A rapid airflow circulation system
  • There are different presets for cooking
  • Large, well-lit window
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • You can cook in multiple settings as well


  • Manual control functions are difficult to use
  • It’s noisy

Emeril Lagasse 360 Overview

Emeril Lagasse 360 Overview

Cooking functions are what Emeril excels at the most. The company’s products offer exceptional versatility, preprogrammed functions and more. You can rely on this brand’s products if you want to clear up some counter space while not sacrificing functionality.

Emeril’s portable toaster ovens with air frying capabilities provide a convenient way for consumers to utilize a variety of cooking methods. Meanwhile, they can save you some space on your counters and cabinets.

Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 Max Features

With its stainless-steel construction and toaster oven-like appearance, this Emeril Air Fryer is suitable for any kitchen. There is an oven, food dehydrator, and air fryer all integrated into one machine. Because of this, it can be used to prepare many types of food. The appliance is perfect for kitchen countertops.

With so many features and accessories, we think this is a great combo of a toaster oven and air fryer. Most commercial ovens have only three. In contrast, this one has five, so it will cook evenly and quickly.

Built To Last

This sleek, modern appliance complements your kitchen and surroundings perfectly. Emeril’s hot air fryers are designed and built with chef-quality construction and support. They do this to ensure it lasts throughout dinner, the holidays, and a delicious bite of fries throughout the day.

A capacity of 16 quarts

Because of its build and design, it has a 16-quart capacity, which makes it a suitable kitchen appliance for preparing large meals. This means that it can be used to cook a wide variety of dishes as well.


Stylish and versatile air fryer

This is a versatile air fryer designed to last a long time. The capacity is huge at 930 cubic inches. The stainless-steel construction is complemented by a wide range of high-quality accessories. A variety of cooking methods can also be selected from 12 one-touch digital presets.

Air Crisp Technology

Air Crisp Technology

Delicious food will be cooked 40% faster with the powerful 1500-watt heating elements. Your favorite meals will be crisp and cooked without fat by a whirlwind of superheated hot air. A 360° seamless airflow combined with intuitive heating reduces cooking time and results in a crispier, evenly cooked dish.


You can replace nine different cooking accessories with this powerful countertop oven. In addition to a bright LCD featuring 12 cooking functions, the oven can be controlled with several knobs. You can control time, temperature, and the cooking function using the knobs.

LCD featuring

Ease Of Use

While providing the user with a view of the cooking process, the transparent screen adds to the aesthetic appeal of the cookware.

Beyond the door, the appliance has an elaborate user interface that can be employed for interacting with its functions. An air frying appliance of this type is an ideal choice for large families due to its accessories and functionalities.


  • LED digital display with cool features
  • A total of five super heating elements
  • An all-around cooking feature
  • Cooking functions with 12 presets
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Cleaning can be a bit challenging
  • Controls are not very easy to use

Emeril Lagasse 360 Vs PowerXL Air Fryer Grill

Emeril Lagasse 360 Vs PowerXL Air Fryer Grill

Both The PowerXL and Emeril 360 feature a hands-free operation so you can continue to cook while taking care of other things. There are some distinct differences between them, however, and which one is right for you will depend on them.


First of all, let’s go over the design. I will start by looking at the Emeril 360 Air Fryer. This one stands out from the crowd in terms of design with its shiny metal finish body. It can easily enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen.


The simple design of this air fryer, its multiple preset functions, and 9 in 1 specific cooking accessories tool for making delicious food will take care of all the hard cooking tasks. As opposed to this, the PowerXL Air Fryer comes with a sleek and shiny design.

You can place it on your countertop comfortably. Matte black finish combined with a shiny metal exterior creates a glossy finish. The design will certainly add to the appearance of your kitchen. Additionally, it will be an excellent way to prepare barbecues outdoors.

Cooking Capacity

Emeril Lagasse’s Air Fryer grill weighs over 20 pounds. Depending on the size, it can hold 10-12 pounds of chicken if you opt for the largest one. It can easily toast six large bread slices at once since it has a capacity of 930 cubic inches.

Cooking Capacity

PowerXL Air Fryer, however, has a compact size and a sleek appearance, which is an excellent choice for your kitchen. You can cook up to six large hamburgers or a 10-pound chicken with it.

Both appliances have rotisserie functions, and they are very good at what they do. The spit can be used to cook a whole chicken evenly and have a juicy, delicious dinner. Emeril can only fit 4–5-pound chickens while PowerXL holds up to 10-pound chickens.

Based on flat space alone, it would be a tie. The rotisserie function makes PowerXL the obvious winner here when looking at the entire capacity, but otherwise, both are identical.

Cooking Performance

You will love PowerXL if you like accessories and love roasting 10lb chickens on the rotisserie. If you are considering additional heating coils and a greater range of cooking options, Emeril is the better choice.

Unlike PowerXL or most other air fryer ovens, Emeril’s oven includes five heating elements. As a result, it not only maintains heat more efficiently but also cooks food more quickly and evenly.

Cooking Performance

This air fryer is made by Emeril Lagasse to keep your taste buds satisfied, as it won’t lag in performance. Achieves the effect of a professional quality baking oven by featuring 12 preset cooking functions.

This oven cooks quality food evenly and quickly on all sides because it has a 360-degree cooking system and 5 steps heating elements.

On the other hand, the features provided by this PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Deluxe will fit perfectly within your budget, therefore, making it the ideal grill for those on a budget. Since it was created for making cooking easier and simpler, you will be able to enjoy grilled juicy BBQs quickly and easily.


Make sure you check the watts and power output as well. There is a 1500-watt rating for both of these, which is quite good. It is ideal to have 1250-1300 watts or more. An oven with a weak heating element won’t heat the food properly and won’t keep the heat very long.

This may not be a major problem if you only cook small amounts of food and only use it occasionally. The problem becomes more serious if you plan to use this regularly to cook meals and snacks.


Most of the time, accessories are just extras. However, when it comes to cooking appliances such as an air fryer, they are a must-have.

They play a more important role when air fryer ovens are used. For example, without trays and racks, cooking only leaves you with a large space.

Five accessories are included with the Emeril XL Air Fryer 360. These will enable the oven to be used in a variety of ways. You can choose either a 6-piece or an 8-piece accessory kit with the PowerXL Air Fryer Grill. The eight-piece package is preferable, but the other option is also acceptable.

You can cook two types of food simultaneously with both, but PowerXL has more trays, sheets, and pans. In addition, it has more accessories that can be used in a variety of ways. As for Emeril, it is not too far behind either and comes with enough accessories to cover the majority of your cooking needs.


I cannot give hard figures because they change constantly, but both of these air fryers have about the same price. Compared to Emeril, the PowerXL is slightly cheaper. But the difference isn’t that noteworthy.

The price/value ratio makes both options excellent choices, so you have to decide based on your needs. Now let’s take a different approach. Which one is a better buy? Both are excellent in different areas, so it depends on what you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a good way to get the rotisserie to cook chicken evenly?

The proper trussing of your poultry is very important when cooking it on the rotisserie. Make sure the legs and wings of the chicken are tightly tied to the body. Doing so will reduce drippings.

2. What do I do with the grease that collects in my drip tray when I cook meat?

Whenever the drip tray fills halfway, grease or drippings need to be removed. The grease and drippings should not be soaked up by anything under the heating element. Avoid using foil to assist with cleanup.

3. When I cook my food, should I turn it over?

If you want your food to be cooked to your desired doneness, you may need to flip, rotate, or move it during cooking.

4. How should I set the cooking level for air frying?

For the crisper tray of your air fryer, use the recommended cooking levels and the corresponding preset cooking temperature and time. Depending on the thickness and density of the food, you may need to extend the cooking time.

5. What is the best cooking level for toasting?

All of the recommended cooking levels are listed on the outside of both of the fryers mentioned here. Put the tray in the toast level for toast. You can then adjust how light or dark you want your toast and how many pieces of bread you want to toast.

Final Words

Deep frying, traditionally, can increase unhealthy calories by as much as 70 percent. On the other hand, an air fryer can reduce that amount significantly.

If you want to decide on one of the products above, go with Emeril Lagasse 360. Although more expensive than the PowerXL, it delivers better value for money. 

The PowerXL Air Fryer Grill offers an air fryer and grill attachment for this one appliance, making it an extremely versatile kitchen tool.

So, in the end, who do you think is better in our PowerXL Air Fryer Grill Vs. Emeril Lagasse 360 debate? I would go with the PowerXL since it offers more functionality.

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