Top 7 Peruvian Restaurants In Chicago [Based On Yelp Reviews]

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Peruvian Restaurants In ChicagoDo you have a craving for Peruvian cuisine? Peru is often referred to be South America’s gastronomic capital.

The immigrant communities of Chinese, Japanese, African, Italian, and others have blended with traditional Andean culture to produce one of the most unique cuisines in the world. The capital Lima is home to some of the world’s most renowned eateries.

But surprisingly, Peruvian cuisine has yet to gain traction in Chicago, as it has in other nations. Nonetheless, there is still some excellent Peruvian cuisine across the city.

In this blog post, we have crunched the statistics to uncover the best Peruvian restaurant Chicago, combining the Yelp data with social media reviews to create a ranked list of the best places to sate your hunger.

What Is A Peruvian Restaurant?

What Is A Peruvian Restaurant

A Peruvian restaurant is a place that primarily serves Peruvian cuisine. Peruvian cuisine is a cuisine of contrasts, with hot and cold dishes served on the same plate. Acidic flavors mingle with starchy textures. Traditional Peruvian cuisine focuses on spices and powerful tastes from crisp and clean to heavy and deep. Each taste balances out or subdues the other.

The potato is the most important element in all Peruvian cuisine since Peru possesses the world’s largest variety of potatoes. Peru’s main asset is its rich gastronomic legacy. Ingredients and culinary methods from Africa, Europe, and East Asia combine in a delectable mash-up that is one-of-a-kind across the globe.

Best Peruvian Restaurants In Chicago

Peruvian restaurants have sprung up all around Chicago in recent years to give a taste of this lesser-known cuisine, and the dwellers have embraced them with open arms.

Punchy flavors, pisco sours, and all-around party vibes — the Peruvians surely know how to party! Here are some of Chicago’s best Peruvian eateries for you.

#1. Taste Of Peru

Taste Of Peru

Official site:

Online delivery: Not available

Yelp Reviews: 575

Topping our list is Taste of Peru, the Peruvian restaurant, which was featured on Food Network’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It serves Guy’s favorite chicken tamales, anticucos (beef heart kebabs), lomo saltado, and more. (You may see the whole menu here.)

Cesar Izquierdo and his family first opened this place in 1998 and are still bringing the best Peruvian food to Chicago dwellers to this date! If you want to truly understand the historic marriage of ingredients of Peru, there is no better way to go to this place right in Chicago.

Menu & Price

If you’re there, don’t forget to taste the awesome ceviche and that red corn drink they have. It’s their special! Also, the cocktails, chicken/beef pastry, and Guy Fieri’s favorite Tamales are the best they have.

Regarding the prices, “They give you such large portion for the price. You cannot go wrong with this restaurant. We highly recommend this cute neighborhood restaurant.”


Taste of Peru is situated at 6545 N. Clark St. (between Albion and Arthur avenues) in Rogers Park. It has a 4 out of 5-star rating on Yelp based on 569 reviews!

#2. Tanta


Official site:

Online delivery: Available

Yelp Reviews: 1325

“Our rich cuisine is like visiting Peru itself,” says the Peruvian chef of this restaurant Gaston Acurio on the restaurant website. Tanta is a Peruvian restaurant concept created by Gastón Acurio, a well-known South American chef.

Chef Gastón was trained in Europe and returned to Peru after spending years abroad, understanding that Peruvian cuisine could compete on the world stage. Tanta brings Peruvian tastes and culture to Chicago, delivering genuine Peruvian cuisine and beverages in a welcoming and colorful environment.

Menu & Price

Every fish of Tanta tells a rich story of balance, texture, and flavor. The Ceviches of this restaurant are their best dish according to their customers. Also, the “Pisco Sour is legit, Tiraditos (Peruvian-style sashimi) is just delicious, and Alfajores with a scoop of lucuma ice cream… Heaven!”

The prices are a little higher than ‘Taste of Peru,’ but the culinary experience of this restaurant is just exceptional.


Tanta is located at 118 W. Grand Ave. in River North and is Chicago’s highest-rated Peruvian restaurant, with a rating of 4 stars out of 5 – based on 924 Yelp reviews!

#3. Cabra


Official site:

Online delivery: Not Available

Yelp Reviews: 522

Cabra Chicago is a colorful rooftop eating and drinking place inspired by Peruvian cuisine’s exuberant tastes. Cabra, helmed by Chef Stephanie Izard and her longstanding colleagues Rob Katz and Kevin Boehm of the Boka Restaurant Group, serves delectable food in a vibrant, colorful atmosphere.

Panoramic views of Chicago can be seen from every aspect of the rooftop restaurant, delivering breathtaking vistas both during the day and at night.

Menu & Price

Cabra’s menu is designed to be shared family-style, with a range of shareable meals that are great in flavor and brilliant in taste, as well as an equally expressive drink and wine selection.

If you’re there or decide to go there, don’t miss their goat empanadas, chorizo & cheese dip, bacon & egg solterito. Also, the Crab Causa and the Tuna Tiradito are from heaven! For the drinks – Lima dreamin’ is really tasty!

Regarding the prices, the food is very much affordable considering the neighborhood and the beautiful atmosphere of the restaurant.


Cabra is located on the rooftop of the Hoxton Hotel at 200 N Green Street, Chicago. It’s got 4 stars rating out of 5 in Yelp based on over 505 reviews!

#4. Ay Ay Picante

Ay Ay Picante

Official site: Not found!

Online delivery: Not available

Yelp Reviews: 578

Come and experience an introduction to Peruvian history and gastronomy! Peruvian cooks produce the meals using Peruvian seasonings in this traditional restaurant. That’s why the foods are both tasty and genuine. If you want to experience a unique style of cooking, you should definitely try this restaurant.

Besides dining, you can also experience the Pre-Columbian artwork from Peru’s Nazca civilization on the walls of the eatery.

Menu & Price

Ay Ay Picante offers too many tempting options making it difficult to choose. You’ll enjoy the variety of meat and fish main dishes they offer. However, if you’re there, don’t miss the appetizers (the Peruvian tapas) they offer! Also, you can try their Peruvian Tamal, mussels, and empanadas. Everything is just delicious!

For the area and the cuisine, the prices are a little on the expensive side. On average, entrees cost between $18 and $25.


Ay Ay Picante is located at 4569 N. Elston Ave. in Albany Park (between Kiona and Kennecott avenues). The restaurant has received 4 stars out of 5 – based on 577 reviews on Yelp, indicating that it is a local favorite.

#5. Boleo


Official site:

Online delivery: Not available

Yelp Reviews: 178

Boleo is another rooftop bar and lounge restaurant like Cabra. It brings Latin American food and culture to the Windy City, with small meals for snacking and sharing, delectable drinks that take you to Peru, and house music that will make you want to learn to dance. With the retractable roof, you’ll be protected from rain or shine!

Chef Brian Millman has created a menu of snackable ceviches, anticuchos, and other small meals with a modern twist, inspired by Peruvian street cuisine. Behind the bar, you’ll find Southern Hemisphere standbys like Fernet & Cola, Chilcano’s. Also, don’t forget to taste their creative cocktails.

Menu & Price

Boleo is mainly known for their amazing drinks. While you’re planning to go there, don’t miss the Chica Morada, the Boleo Old Fashioned, or the Pisco Sour. Besides that, the ceviches and pulps are amazing. You can also try the Pork Belly and Octopus dish they offer!

Regarding the pricing, they provide small servings for each dish. So, you may end up spending more than you wanted. However, it’s perfect if you want to order a few different entrées to share.


Boleo is located on the rooftop of Kimpton Gray Hotel at 122 W Monroe St, Chicago. The restaurant has a 4 out of 5-star rating in Yelp based on 172 reviews. It isn’t crowded most of the time and is best for parties up to 250 people!

#6. D’Candela Restaurant

D'Candela Restaurant

Official site:

Online delivery: Not available

Yelp Reviews: 189

The food is great and affordable in this restaurant. The staffs are very friendly; also you’ll enjoy a warm atmosphere in this place most of the time. However, recently, there have been some bad reviews here regarding their staff behavior, and it may take time to get your food on the table!

This restaurant has two sides, one with a TV for those who want to watch a game or the news while eating, and the other more family/conversation-oriented. Especially kids spent a quality time in this restaurent.

Menu & Price

If you go there, don’t miss the wide range of Ceviche and Soup this place offers. Also, they serve seafood as well as meat and vegetarian option, so it’s a great place to enjoy with everyone. One dish we’ll definitely recommend is the Aji. Some of the best menu choices: “ceviche mixto, tamal peruano, churrasco a la parilla, maduros, pollo entero, anticuchos,.”  You may find the food a little bit spicier than you like. So, say your preference before ordering anything!

This restaurant is known for their value for money foods. You get a large portion of everything you order. We highly recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for affordability.


The place is located at 3449 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago, IL. It has a 4 out of 5 stars rating in Yelp-based 188 reviews!

#7. Chopo Chicken [Best Online Option]

Chopo Chicken

Official site:

Online delivery: Available

Yelp Reviews: 164

This restaurant is run by a group of folks (mainly Latinos) in Chicago who sell Peruvian street cuisine. They serve classic Peruvian foods created from scratch to perfection and are ready to fly out to accommodate your hectic schedules!

This eatery employs an international combination of ingredients and is known for its crispy chicken marinated and caramelized over an open flame. The restaurant also provides catering services and takes online orders. (See the whole menu here.)

Menu & Price

When you walk inside Chopo, the first thing you’ll notice is a whiff of blazing charcoal in the air. The chicken is grilled over the charcoal (it’s done in Peru this way), and it tastes the best! The Pollo Bowl also tastes great, and you get a large portion for the price.

There’s also a tomato and onion salad to go with the fried yuca. The remainder of the menu consists of classic Peruvian meals that are hard to come by in Chicago. Seco de Carne ($11), a beautifully green spicy beef stew filled with aromatic cilantro, is one of them.

Everything is really affordable in this restaurant because it’s mostly online right now. No other Peruvian restaurant can beat it in value!


Chopo Chicken in Lincoln Park has a Yelp rating of 4.5 stars based on 162 reviews. The Peruvian fast-food restaurant is located at 2460 N. Clark St. (between Arlington and Roslyn).


Chicago has a very limited number of Peruvian restaurants. However, it’s gaining popularity in recent days as more people now cherish Peruvian cuisine, and more restaurants are opening each year.

Also, many self-claimed Peruvian restaurants don’t serve the actual cuisine. So, check the authenticity before going into any eateries out there. 

Finally, if you want to taste Peruvian cuisine and have no way to visit Peru (if you can visit the capital Lima), now you know what to do. Simply choose a restaurant from our list of top Peruvian restaurant Chicago to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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