Pastry Cutter Substitute : 7 Awesome Alternative Revealed

substitute for pastry cutterWho doesn’t love munching on a fresh batch of pastry? The delicious crispiness of such popular desserts can make anyone’s day better in an instant!

For those who love baking, it is also a joyful experience to prepare. Mixing the ingredients to make the creamy dough and taking in the fragrant aroma afterwards make the process itself quite rewarding.

An important step of preparing pastries is to cut the butter or fat listed in the recipe. This phase requires a pastry cutter that divides the butter into smaller chunks and helps them to mix into the dough.

Also known as dough cutter, butter cutter and pastry blender, this small tool plays a significant role in making the pastry worth your time and effort.

However, if you don’t have it readily available, you can use a substitute for pastry cutter from our list below instead to ensure good quality of the desserts.

Our Top 7 Pastry Cutter Alternatives for 2022

A pastry cutter is a useful tool for the bakers and baking enthusiasts, but it may not be available to everyone who wants to try making the desserts occasionally. What can you use instead then? Here are some possible handy solutions!

1. Fork


Even if you don’t have any other equipment on this list in your kitchen, you will surely have a fork to use in dinner or salad! This multi-purpose utensil can be your go-to solution for many things including a alternative of pastry cutter.

To begin, first check if the fork is clean and dry. Then use its long teeth to cut the butter into smaller pieces and then the tines to squish them.

This can work because its teeth have a similar pattern to the wire and slots of a pastry cutter. Utilizing these parts, you will be able to press on the butter bits and mix them into the flour effectively to make a creamy dough.

2. Butter Knives

Butter Knives

Another common kitchen tool you can use to prepare the pastry is the butter knife. To make it as effective as possible, you will need to use two of these knives. If possible, polish them both before use.

First of all, cut the cold butter inside your bowl into smaller pieces. After that, you can add rest of the ingredients one by one. The advantage of using two knives here will be to mix them well such that the butter and the flour are evenly mixed to create a smooth dough.

3. Food Processor

Food Processor

If you have a food processor or alternative of food processor, it can save you a lot of time compared to the previous options. All you have to do is place the dry ingredients in its jar and secure the lid well.

Then turn on the machine and let it mix the ingredients for about 10 to 30 seconds. As soon as you see the dry even mixture, turn off the processor and open the lid. Cut the solid butter into small pieces and then restart the machine for about 90-120 seconds.

It will take a maximum of two minutes in total to get a nice crumbly texture out of the processing. However, remember to not overwork the dough which can result in a poor texture for the pastry.

4. Egg Mixer

Egg Mixer

To use an egg mixer as the pastry cutter replacement, place all the dry ingredients in a bowl and cut the solid butter in it.

Then set your egg mixer at a slower speed and put it in the bowl to blend everything together. Make sure that the butter pieces are small enough to mix into the dough with an egg mixer. The slow speed is necessary because doing it fast might result in a messy kitchen afterwards.

It should only take a few minutes until a great pastry dough is ready for you to make some delicious desserts with.

5. Cheese Grater

Cheese Grater

If it can grate cheese, it can definitely cut in butter! The only aspect you need to ensure for this pastry blender substitute is to have butter that has been completely cooled down in the refrigerator.

Take all the pastry ingredients in a bowl and then grate the butter into it. You can then mix them using anything you want. It should result in an even dough.

6. Potato Masher

potato masher

Potato masher and pastry cutter are very similar in structure, pattern and operating technique. So you can use one to do the other’s job. You can use the slots of the flat pressing end of a potato masher to cut the butter into your pastry mixture. With the attached handle, you can mash it into your desired consistency.

7. Manually

If you can get your hands on nothing, just use the hands themselves to cut in the butter! Clean the hands with liquid soap and water before starting the process. After drying them properly, take flour in the bowl and add butter to it. Then use the fingers to mix them together for forming a nice smooth dough.

Make sure there is no lump left in the mixture. And if you feel like your hands are getting hot, take a break immediately and let them cool down. This heat is produced due to the squishing of butter or fat, which can then lead to an unpleasant taste for the pastry.

4 Awesome Tips For Cutting Pastry Perfectly

1. Manual Should Be The Last Resort

Even though using hands as a pastry cutter replacement seems to be the most convenient and financially feasible option, it is actually not a good idea to choose it over other alternatives. The amount of heat generated through this method can melt the butter too fast and cause the resulting dessert to taste bad.

2. Keep It Cool

Always make sure that the butter is cold before you cut it into the flour. That is why refrigerating it for a while before use can enhance the texture and taste. Especially in the case of graters, frozen butter would be the ideal choice.

3. Size Matters!

When you are cutting the butter into smaller pieces, try to make them as small as a pea. Cutting it any smaller can result in faster melting of the butter and make the pastry unappealing.

4. Take A Break If Hot

During the preparation, if the butter starts to get hotter, take a break and keep it in the fridge again for a few minutes.


If you are looking for a pastry cutter substitute for your next recipe, feel free to use the best option from our list available to you. The egg mixer and food processor are probably the best choices in this case since they can do the job most effectively and efficiently.

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