Matfer Bourgeat vs. De Buyer: Which Cookware Best?

De Buyer vs Matfer BourgeatA kitchen can not genuinely be a kitchen without having suitable pans and pots. For that reason, when it comes to buying these cookware sets, home chefs and professional chefs tend to opt for a well-known brand. And in this case, De Buyer and Mafter Bourgeat are two of the most go-to options.

That said, the chefs usually fall into a dilemma and get deep into the topic of Matfer Bourgeat vs. De Buyer. Trust us; once you fall into such a rabbit hole, there will be no turning back. However, we, a team of kitchen cookware professionals, are here to drag you out.

We have put both the brands head to head and found out all things that set them apart. And we will spill all of the information out in this article.

What Is Matfer Bourgeat?

What Is Matfer Bourgeat

The brand Matfer Bourgeat is a famous French cookware brand. They are well-known for the carbon steel construction that they implement in their offerings. But does their offerings really lives up to the fame they have? Let’s find out, shall we?

Advantages of Matfer Bourgeat Cookware

Advantages of Matfer Bourgeat Cookware

The offerings from Matfer Bourgeat bring a good number of advantages to the table. Here is a brief description of each of them:

Durable Construction

As we mentioned, the offerings from the brand will usually be of carbon steel. And carbon steel that they will utilize for the cookware will be high in quality. That would eventually increase the overall durability level and make the set last for a reasonable amount of time.

Even Heating

Carbon steel on its own is a very heat-conductive material. And combined with a proper design, the pans and pots of this material will be capable of efficiently distributing the heat. Eventually, the foods you will cook on the cooking surface will cook evenly.


Matfer Bourgeat Cookware Design

Most of the pans that are from the brand have a unique design. And the design will primarily focus on making the cooking process easier for you. As a result, you can be highly efficient when it comes to cooking for a large number of people.


Matfer Bourgeat Cookware Handle

In most cases, the pans and pots from the brand will have a convenient handle. That will make it easier to maneuver the cookware on top of cooktops. Also, as you will have proper control over the pans, you can efficiently handle the food on the cooking surface.

Furthermore, you will find an angled design on the handle. That will let you easily control the sauteing and stirring process.

Variations and Compatibility

When it comes to choices, you will have options when it comes to the size. The pans will be available in nine different sizes. That will let the cookware meet your diverse cooking needs.

The cookware will work on different kinds of stovetops. That means you will not have to worry one bit when it comes to compatibility.

Disadvantages of Matfer Bourgeat Cookware

Nothing is perfect. And the same thing goes with the offerings from Matfer Bourgeat as well. Here are the crucial ones:


The pans will not come with a beeswax coating on the top. That means you would need to season the cooking surface by yourself. Also, the coating that does come with the pans is not that easy to take off. You would need a lot of patience and work with the hot water if you want to take the coating off.


There are no rivets on the handles. Now, this might not be a deal-breaking thing for most chefs. However, we know many users prefer the riveted handles over the non-riveted ones.

What Is De Buyer?

What Is De Buyer

When home chefs and professional chefs look for high-quality pans with good features, the offerings from De Buyer usually remain on the top of the consideration. And they are pretty famous for providing high-grade units.

Advantages of De Buyer Cookware

Advantages of De Buyer Cookware

The offerings from De Buyer are pretty competitive. But what can they actually offer? Let us go through them one by one.


Being a reputed brand, De Buyer does not skimp one bit when it comes to materials. They will utilize high-grade carbon steel for most of the pans and pots. And the quality of the material will make them achieve a praiseworthy level of durability. You can expect to get an extended amount of time.

Resistance to Oxidation

The carbon steel that the manufacturer will utilize will be 99 percent pure. And due to how pure the iron-carbon steel is, the chances of the cookware getting oxidized over time will be pretty slim. Also, this pure material will further enhance the sturdiness of the cookware.

Heat Distribution

Most of the offerings from the brand are well-known for distributing the heat evenly. And even heat distribution will make it easier for you to cook large-scale food. The chances of the dishes burning from one spot will be considerably low too.

Furthermore, the flat-bottom nature of the pans will further enhance the heat distribution property. The cooking outcomes that you will get from these pans will surely amaze you.


De Buyer Cookware handle

The handles of the cookware will be reasonably long. What does the long handle bring to the table? Better control! You will be capable of maneuvering the pans properly on top of the cooktops. Also, these will have an epoxy coating on the handle. That will make the cookware look good.


It will be possible to get a stellar nonstick performance if you can season the cooking surface properly. The nonstick will be just like Teflon. And that would make it easier to handle most of the dishes on the pan. Foods will not stick on the top, and nor will you need to worry about the foods leaving residue.

Disadvantages of De Buyer Cookware

There are a couple of things that bring the cookware offered by De Buyer down a bit. And you should know about them before you pull the trigger and spend your valuable money on one of the sets.


Some users argue that the price point for the cookware offered by De Buyer is higher than it should be. On the other hand, many will claim that the price is reasonable as the overall construction is premium. We can not certainly pick a size in this case.


To get the most out of the cooking surface, you would need to follow the correct seasoning process. And if you do not follow the seasoning process accordingly, the chances of the foods sticking to the surface will be exceptionally high.

Differences Between Matfer Bourgeat and De Buyer Cookware

Both of the manufacturers do offer quality pans for the money. However, a couple of things make both of them stand out a bit. We will go through those differences in order to make the choosing process a bit easier for you.


The offerings from De Buyer will come with a beeswax coating. However, you will find the coating on the pans of Matfer Bourgeat. The beeswax coating will make it easier to season on the cooking surface. And it will be easier to get stellar nonstick cooking performance out of the pans.


If you take a close look at the handles of the cookware offered by both brands, you will notice that the ones from De Buyer will have an epoxy coating. Even though it makes the pans look good, the offerings will be incompatible with ovens. So, if that is a necessity for you, consider the options from Matfer Bourgeat.


Oftentimes, you will find the offerings from De Buyer coming with extra handles. The helping handle will make it easier for you to handle and move the cookware around. This feature is not that common with the options that are from Matfer Bourgeat.


Last but not least, the offerings from De Buyer will require you to use a different type of cleaning solution or detergent to clean them. Also, you should preheat the pans before using them. These might be a hassle, and some chefs might not prefer using cookware that demands all of these.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is the cookware from Matfer Bourget manufactured?

The brand Matfer Bourget is a France-based brand. And all of the cookware that they offer will be from France. In fact, ever since the company emerged, they utilized materials from France.

2. Is stainless steel better than carbon steel?

Carbon steel is durable and stronger than stainless steel. However, stainless steel does not rust and oxidize that easily. So, if you expose the carbon steel cookware to moisture, the chances of it corroding will be exceptionally high.

3. Are carbon steel pans heavy?

In comparison, carbon steel is considerably lightweight when you compare it against cast iron. For example, a 12 inches cast iron pan would weigh about eight pounds. On the other hand, a similar-sized carbon steel unit would be less than five pounds.

Final Words

So, who is the winner when it comes to De Buyer vs Matfer Bourgeat? Well, it will depend on your preference and requirements.

If you do not want to go through any hassle when it comes to maintaining the pans, go for the offerings of Matfer Bourgeat.

You would be capable of keeping them clean without facing any issues at all! On the other hand, if you want units with helping handles and beeswax coating, opt for De Buyer’s offerings.

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