How To Use A Truffle Shaver? Easy and Useful Guideline

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How To Use A Truffle ShaverA lot of home cooks and professional chefs use truffle shavings in their cooking. It is quite a common ingredient added in sauces, soup, pasta, risotto, and so on.

We generally add truffle in the form of shavings and slices in order to get a delicate flavor and aroma in the dish. 

In order to shave truffle, you will have to use a truffle shaver, also commonly known as a truffle slicer.

If you want to get a properly sliced truffle, then you have to use the truffle shaver carefully and in the right way. In this guide, we will discuss how to use a truffle shaver and the factors associated with it.

How To Use A Truffle Shaver?

How To Use A Truffle Shaver

It is quite easy to use a truffle shaver, but you have to be careful and use it properly in order to get the perfect truffle shavings. Here, we will discuss the steps on how to properly use a truffle slicer. The steps are-

Step 1: Rest The Truffle Shaver

The first step is to take the truffle shaver and rest it on a flat surface. You can either rest it on a countertop or a chopping board. It does not matter where you place it, but you have to make sure that it is firm and steady.

Place the truffle shaver on a flat surface

Step 2: Adjust The Blade

Adjust The Blade

Once you have properly placed the truffle shaver, it is now time to adjust the blade.

In most of the shavers, the blade can be adjusted to make sure that you get the required thickness of truffle shavings. There is usually a knob positioned on the side of the blade that allows the user to control it. You can get your preferred thickness by turning the knob left and right.

Step 3: Shave The Truffle

Shave The Truffle

The next step is to shave the truffle. In order to do so, hold the truffle shaver in one hand and face it downwards. Take the truffle on your other hand and slide it over the blade in a fast motion. Before you start slicing the truffle, make sure that you hold the slicer firmly in your hand.

It is essential to move the truffle over the blade in a fast motion because it will get stuck on the blade if you work in a slow and relaxed motion.

There it is, you have the perfect truffle shavings ready to go in your delicious dish!

Types Of Truffle Shavers And Their Comparison

Types Of Truffle Shavers

When it comes to truffle shavers, there are mainly two types available. One is made up of a stainless steel handle, while the other type comes with a wooden handle. Below, we’ve done a comparison between the two types-

Truffle Shaver Stainless Steel Handle Vs Wooden Handle

1. Blade

When it comes to the blade of a truffle shaver, there is no difference. The only difference between the two types of truffle shavers is the handle. One is made up of stainless steel, and the other is made up of wood.

Nno difference in the blade, just a different handle

2. Preference

One of the major differences between the two types of truffle shavers is the preference of the cook. The majority of the cooks prefer the wooden handle as it is more comfortable and easier to grip. On the other hand, the stainless steel handle is a bit harsh on the hand.

wooden handle better than stainless steel handle

3. Affordability

Even though truffle shaving is a common ingredient in a lot of dishes, not many people want to spend money on truffle shavers. If we compare the price range of these two types of truffle shavers, then the price of the stainless steel handle is more affordable than the wooden handle.

4. Aesthetic Look

Aesthetic Look  wooden handle

The wooden handle is more eye-appealing compared to the stainless steel handle. People who value the aesthetic look of a product tend to choose the wooden handle truffle shaver.

Tips And Precautions When Using A Truffle Shaver

Tips And Precaution Truffle Shaver

1. Be Careful With The Blade

The blade of the truffle shaver is the most important part of it. The blade has to be sharp in order to make sure that the truffle can be sliced easily and quickly. However, you have to be careful while using the truffle shaver as the blade is sharp and can cut your fingers while you work with it.

2. Keep Your Hands Clean And Dry

While working in the kitchen, our hands often get covered due to oil, spices, and so on. The oil and other substances often end up making the hands slippery.

When you work with a truffle shaver or any sharp object, it is essential to make sure that you have a strong grip on the object. You must clean and dry your hands before using the truffle shaver to avoid the risk of hurting your hand or fingers while shaving the truffle.

3. Use For Versatile Applications

When it comes to a truffle shaver, it is not necessary that you only have to shave or slice the truffle. You can use this product to slice a wide range of items in the kitchen. For example, you can use it to slice garlic, cheese, mushroom, chocolates, and many more.

4. Place Over Firm Surface

While using a truffle shaver, you will have to make sure that you place it properly on a firm surface. You can use a chopping board, table, or a countertop to place the shaver. This will help you to make sure that the product does not move or slip and reduces the chances of injury.

5. Adjustable Blade

As we discussed above, the majority of the truffle shavers come with an adjustable blade. This means that you can adjust the blade to get your preferred thickness or thinness of slice.

In order to adjust the blade to get your required thickness, all you have to do is turn the knob located on the side of the blade. To get a thicker slice, turn the knob to the left and turn it to the right if you want a thinner slice.

6. Clean The Shaver Afterward

It is quite an easy task to clean the truffle shaver. After slicing the truffle or any other ingredient, all you have to do is hold the shaver under running water and clean the blade of the product.

However, we often slice ingredients that can leave a smell and affect the taste or smell of other ingredients. In cases like these, you have to clean the product with dish soap. But make sure that you wash the product carefully and do not hurt yourself while cleaning.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is It Necessary To Have A Truffle Shaver?

Truffle is a common ingredient in pasta, risotto, sauces, and many more, but it is known to lose its flavor and aroma within a day or two. Thus, not many people prefer to use truffles in their cooking. If you are not a fan of truffle, then a shaver for it is not a necessity in your kitchen.

2. Are There Any Alternatives To A Truffle Shaver?

A truffle shaver is a kitchen product that we do not use regularly. The main purpose of this item is to make thin slices of truffle or other ingredients.

Therefore, not many people are interested in purchasing a truffle shaver. There are quite a few alternatives to a truffle shaver. The two most common alternatives are one-sided razor blade and sharp vegetable peeler.

3. Where Can You Purchase A Truffle Shaver?

Most of the high-quality truffle shavers are manufactured in Italy and later exported to all parts of the world. If you are planning on purchasing a truffle shaver, then you can find them easily as they are widely available in online shop, local shops or markets that sell high-quality kitchen supplies. You will typically find them in the section where they sell the peelers, knives, and so on.

4. Can You Shave Chocolate With A Truffle Shaver?

Other than shaving truffle, you can use a truffle shave to finely slice garlic, mushroom, and many more. Chocolate is one of the most commonly shaved ingredients using a truffle shaver. You can easily shave chocolate and get beautiful chocolate curls.


A truffle shaver is quite a useful kitchen gadget, and it is usually popular for its versatile use. You can use this truffle shaver to slice more than one item.

We have discussed the steps on how to use a truffle shaver in the guide above. Follow the steps to make sure that you get the desired slices and reduce the chance of injury.

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