How To Start A Cotton Candy Business? Tips By an Expert

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How To Start A Cotton Candy BusinessStarting a business is not an easy task, no matter how small or big it is. It takes hard work, dedication, creativity, and so much more in order to start a business and make it successful.

People of all ages love cotton candy, and this makes it a great item for sale at fairs, theme parks, and various other occasions and places. With a cotton candy business, you can have fun, make money, and interact with the public at the same time.

In order to start a cotton candy business, you do not need a lot of items, and the simplicity of this business is what makes it great.

In this guide, we will discuss how to start a cotton candy business and the details associated with it.

Things You Need To Start A Cotton Candy Business

One of the advantages of starting a cotton candy business is that you do not need a significant amount of money or items. The things you need to establish your business of making and selling cotton candy are-

Cotton Candy Machine

Cotton Candy Machine

The first and most important thing that you need is a cotton candy machine. You can either buy a used machine, or you can buy a completely new one.

The price of the machine will depend on the type and condition of the cotton candy machine.

If you have a low budget or want to save money, you can also rent a machine and slowly save money as the business runs to purchase one on your own. You will find these machines available for rent at the party supply shops near you.

Sugar And Flavoring

Sugar And Flavoring

You cannot make cotton candy without sugar, so it is an essential ingredient for your business. You can save money on this as well by purchasing sugar in bulk.

There are several flavorings such as grape, orange, strawberry, blueberry etc., along with the standard flavors of cotton candy available in shops and markets. These flavorings not only give the candy a delicious taste, but they also give the cotton candy a great, soft color.

Paper Cones And Plastic Bags

Paper Cones And Plastic Bags

Paper cones are needed to serve the cotton candy, and you can easily buy these paper cones in a large quantity. These cones do not cost much, but purchasing in bulk will make them even cheaper in terms of price.

Plastic bags are required to make sure that the cotton candy stays safe and free of dust and pollution when displayed. These bags also make it easier for the customers to purchase and carry cotton candy.

Cotton Candy Cart

Cotton Candy Cart

In the majority of cases, you will have to transport your cotton candy business from one place to another. In order to do this, you will need a cart or wagon to transport the machine and all the other items.

Displays And Signs

Displays And Signs

Adding a display or a tray to your cotton candy cart is a great way of showing the products to the customers. This helps to attract people to your shop due to the look and color of the cotton candy.

A sign or decorative board on your cart will attract customers. You can also mention the available flavors and prices on the sign to guide the customers.

Cash Register Or Box

Displays And Signs

Customers do not always pay the exact amount, and you have to give a change to them often. You also have to make sure that the money you earn is safe while you make and sell cotton candy. To keep money and ensure the safety of your income, you will need a cash register or box with a safety lock on it.

How To Start A Cotton Candy Business?

Now that you have all the necessary things for your cotton candy business, it is now time to start the business. Below are the steps-

1. Business Plan

No matter what kind of business you are starting, having a clear business plan is a must. Plan whether the cotton candy business is the primary source of your income or just a side gig or for promoting charity events.

Make sure to have a clear plan and expectations about your profit. A cotton candy business has a high-profit margin. However, the money you make depends on where you set up your business.

2. Permits

It does not matter which city or state you are in; there are certain permits that you must have approved before you start a business. Cotton candy is categorized under food items, so the laws and permits associated with selling food items will apply to a cotton candy business. You’ll also need a business license and location permit. You will have to acquire these before you set up your business.

3. Venue

Choosing the right venue to sell your cotton candy is important as this will affect the quantity of cotton candy you sell in a day.

There are several places where you can set up your cart and earn a great amount of money. Some of these places are shopping malls, sporting events, local fairs, parks, social gatherings, near schools and so on.

Tips And Precautions When Starting A Cotton Candy Business

1. Purchase Products In Bulk

In order to make and serve cotton candy, all you need is sugar, flavoring, paper cones, and plastic bags. These items are widely available in almost every shop or departmental store.

Although these items do not cost a significant amount of money, you can always get them for a lower price by purchasing these products in bulk. For example, stocking your inventory for an entire month will cost less than stocking inventory for a week. This will also reduce the hassle of going to the shop frequently for the items.

2. Promote Your Business Properly

In order to make a business successful, one of the most important factors is promoting the business.

There are several ways in which you can promote your cotton candy business to attract more customers. Opening a shop in a crowded place does a major part of advertising itself. If the place has right passersby crowd, say schoolgoers or young people, the word-of-mouth marketing will increase your business manifold.

As for other methods, you can partner with local charity events and fundraisers, create a website and run ads on Facebook and Google, or advertise your business in newspapers or posters.

3. Security

If you do not want your cotton candy cart to get stolen, then you will have to park the wagon in a secure and safe place. If you have space in your garage, then you can park it there. Or you can rent a place where your cart will be safe.

In order to keep your earnings safe, make sure that you get a secured cash box or a cash register for your business. You can keep your money in the locked box and sell your cotton candy without having to worry about it being stolen.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is A Cotton Candy Business Profitable?

Yes, a cotton candy business is usually profitable, and it offers about an 80 to 90 percent profit on each cotton candy. However, the profit also depends on the place where you set up your cart and how many units you sell in a day.

2. How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Cotton Candy Business?

One of the best parts of starting a cotton candy business is that you do not need a high budget to start. The main cost of the business goes towards purchasing the cotton candy machine. However, you can easily purchase a used machine or rent one if you do not want to spend on a new machine. Other than that, the rest of the required items do not cost a lot of money.

3. What Is The Selling Price Of One Cotton Candy?

The selling price of cotton candy varies depending on the venue and the flavors. While the traditional cotton candy will earn less, selling unique flavors and colors will help you to make a decent amount of money. The place where you are selling will also make a difference in the selling price.

4. How Long Does A Cotton Candy Last?

If you store the cotton candy in a secured plastic bag, then it will last for about three days to two weeks. In an airtight plastic box, cotton candy lasts for about five to eight weeks. However, in an open area, it will not last or stay fresh for more than 20 minutes.


Now that you know how to start a cotton candy business, we hope it does not seem too hard. This business does not require a lot of items. However, arranging the permits and tools might take some time, so patience is the key.

The factor that plays the most important role in this business is choosing an appropriate venue. Before you start your business, make sure that you have selected the right place and have all the necessary permits and tools.

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