How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades? Easy Method Explained

How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades?Without sharp blades, most of your blending tasks, including puréeing and crushing food items, will leave you unsatisfied. Over time, the blades of a blender become dull with use, rendering the machine useless.

But instead of buying a new blender, you can just sharpen the blades and get the machine running like it was brand new!

It doesn’t require a lot of expertise and can be done with tools you already have at home. Therefore, knowing how to sharpen ninja blender blades will prove to be a very useful skill. We have you covered with a step-by-step guide so you can get started right away!

Can You Sharpen Blender Blades at Home?

Can You Sharpen Blender Blades at Home

Sharpening blender blades don’t require much, and you can get it done with things you already have at home! Blender blades are extremely sharp, and they should be handled carefully at all times.

But first, you should check if your blender can be dismantled as some models don’t allow you to take them apart and separate the blades. If it can be dismantled, you’re on the right path! Before proceeding to the step-by-step guide in the next section, be sure to collect the following items –

1. Paper towel or tissues – It will be needed for cleaning and drying the blender.

2. Soap – For cleaning the blender thoroughly, soap is required.

3. Sanitary wipes – These come in handy for removing stubborn debris/dirt.

4. Brush – You can use a brush to clean areas where your hands won’t reach.

5. Combined diamond sharpener or sharpening stone

6. Protective gloves or kitchen mitt

As mentioned earlier, blender blades can be extremely sharp and could cut your fingers easily if you are not careful enough. Do not overlook safety, and you should be fine!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Sharpen Ninja Blender Blades

Once you have all your tools and materials at hand, you will have to disconnect the blender from the power outlet. This is important as it will protect you from the danger of getting electrocuted or injured in case the blender is turned on accidentally.

With that being said, below is the step-by-step guide on how to sharpen your blender blades at home –

1. Dismantle the Blender Jug from Its Base

Dismantle the Blender Jug from Its Base

Hold the blender jug and separate its base from the top. Once you have the base removed, clean the blades thoroughly with soap and a brush. For stubborn debris, brush a little harder until it gets off.

2. Remove the Blade from the Base

Remove the Blade from the Base

To remove the blade, you will have to twist it counter-clockwise. Without too much force, it should come off in your hand. Be careful when handling the blades, and avoid touching them directly as you could cut your fingers. If available, use protective gloves or a kitchen mitt to hold the blade.

After twisting out the blade, you should see a gasket-like protective ring or seal. Keep it aside, don’t lose it.

3. Use Sharpening Stone/Combined Diamond Sharpener to Sharpen the Blade

Use Sharpening Stone

If the blade hasn’t dried completely, wipe it with a tissue or a towel. You can use one or both tools, but a combined diamond sharpener makes the process less tedious. Here’s how to use them –

a. Sharpening Stone

Some blenders have two blades while others have four blades, two facing upwards and two facing downwards. You will have to run the edges of the blades facing upwards at a slight angle on the sharpening stone. This has to be repeated for each side of all the blades until they are sharp enough.

As a safety precaution, keep the sharp side of the blade facing away from you, i.e., in the opposite direction, to prevent accidental injuries.

b. Combined Diamond Sharpener

A combined diamond sharpener has different stages of sharpening blades. Each stage has two or more slots, but only the first slot of the first and last stage is needed to sharpen single-edged blades. For double-edged blades, the stages vary depending on the blade’s thickness.

The first and second stages involve sharpening the blades, while the third stage is for smoothening the blades’ finish. All sides of the blades have to be sharpened on both edges for double-edged blades, or on the sharp edges of single-edged blades.

It is a simple process once you place the blade in its appropriate slot. You just have to slide each of the blades back and forth in the slots until you feel like the blades have sharpened enough. Keep in mind, however, to not check the blades’ sharpness with your fingers.

4. Reassemble All Components of the Blender

Reassemble All Components of the Blender

Before putting it all back together, wash the jug thoroughly with soap and water. Once you’re sure that there is no residue left, it’s time to get to the final step.

Wash the blade once more and wipe it dry with a towel or tissue. Place the protective seal followed by the blade on the base of the blender jug.

After the blade is fixed, attach the base to the blender jug, and you should be done!

But how can you tell if the blades are sharp enough or need more sharpening? Refrain from using your finger to check the sharpness at all costs! Instead, you can test the blades on a piece of paper or anything that can be cut. Moreover, sharpened blades should have some glint at the edges, making them look sharper than before.

If you still cannot tell the difference, the best way to make sure is by assembling everything and using the blender to blend food.

Things You Should Take Care While Sharpening Ninja Blender Blades

Things You Should Take Care While Sharpening Ninja Blender Blades

Although sharpening blender blades don’t require much expertise or effort, there are certain things that you should keep in mind while you’re at it. Below are things you should take care of while sharpening blender blades –

  • First and foremost, safety should not be overlooked. If protective gloves or kitchen mitts are unavailable, be very cautious when handling the blender blades.
  • After dismantling the blender jug, make sure not to lose the gasket-like seal between the blade and the base of the jug. This is important to prevent fluids from leaking under the base, which could eventually get to the blender’s motor and cause permanent damage.
  • Make sure to disconnect the blender from the power supply to prevent accidents when dismantling or assembling the blender jug.
  • Do not store the blender blades in open areas such as a drawer. It should be sheathed with something as direct contact could easily cause an injury.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ice sharpen blender blades?

No, ice doesn’t sharpen blender blades. As a matter of fact, ice causes blender blades to lose their sharpness and become dull. Although it is a popular belief that ice cubes can sharpen blender blades, it actually causes the blades to lose their sharpness much faster.

Do ninja blades get dull?

Yes, ninja blades get dull with regular usage. In order to retain the blending ability of a blender, its blades should be sharpened regularly. Cleaning the blades regularly also helps in retaining the blending ability of a blender as residue build-up affects the sharpness of a blade, making it duller.

Do eggshells sharpen blender blades?

Yes, eggshells can sharpen blender blades. Generally, a handful of eggshells and a little bit of water in the blender jug should be enough. The blades are sharpened as the eggshells scratch on their edges.

How do I know if my blender can crush ice?

If your blender has a 300-watt motor, it can crush ice, but there will be a lot of pressure on the motor. A 600-watt motor can easily crush ice without any trouble.

Do you need to replace blender blades?

Unless your blender blades have permanent damage from improper use or handling, they do not need to be replaced. A dull blender blade can be sharpened to its original brand-new state.

Final Words

Blender blades lose their sharpness and become dull with usage. In order to retain the blending performance of your blender, you should sharpen its blades periodically. However, as easy as it is, it could also get dangerous if you aren’t careful enough.

With that being said, we hope to have helped you with our take on how to sharpen ninja blender blades. Best of luck!

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