Top 10 Best Halal Restaurants in Chicago 2022

halal restaurants in chicagoFrom the religious perspective, Muslims aren’t allowed to take haram foods. Consequently, the concern is really strong for halal foods.

Added to that, you need to be more careful when living in an area like Chicago as Muslim minorities.

Not all restaurants will have halal foods that go with the culture. So, being a Muslim, for the Muslims, we’ve listed the 10 halal restaurants you can find in Chicago city. If that sounds of interest, stick around!

Hope you’ll enjoy…

Top 10 Halal Restaurants in Chicago City

1. Noon O Kabab

Noon O Kabab

At a Glance –

  • Meals: late night, lunch, dinner
  • Special diets: halal meat, vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free options
  • Cuisines: Persian, Mediterranean, middle eastern
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 773-279-9309
  • Location: 4661 N Kedzie Ave Ste 1, Chicago, IL 60625-4679

When talking about halal restaurants in Chicago city, Noon O Kabab has the first place on our list! If you wish to taste authentic Persian food, this can be your next place to get together. You can find halal meat and vegetarian food options here.

The incredible test of chicken and lamb will surely blow your mind!

We like the neatly organized dining area that looks quite spacious. All the staffs are amazing and they keep track of every visitor’s need.

Not to forget they’ve healing gluten-free food items. So don’t forget to visit this wonderful place even If you’re gluten-free or suffering from IBS. Overall, it’s a great restaurant to taste Persian foods at a reasonable price.

2. Sabri Nihari

Sabri Nihari

At a Glance –

  • Meals: dinner, lunch, brunch, late-night
  • Special diets: halal meat, vegetarian
  • Cuisines: Pakistani, Asian, Indian
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 248-886-6653
  • Location: 2502 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659-1970

Sabri Nihari is another halal restaurant located at 2502 W Devon Avenue, Chicago. The long list of yummy and tasty foods will surely satisfy any choice! Some of their excellent food items include chicken pakora, Shami kabab, beef samosa, boti kabab, chicken boti, and chicken tikka among others.

What customers say about this restaurant is the staffs are amazing. They will seem to be attentive to every detail and have the knowledge of managing a professional food serving environment. You can always expect a friendly manner.

Besides, the inner vibe is very clean and well organized. All in all, it’s a great place for authentic Indian and Pakistani dishes. So don’t forget to make a perfect dinner, lunch, or brunch, with family and friends.

3. Kabobi – Persian and Mediterranean Grill

Kabobi - Persian and Mediterranean Grill

At a Glance –

  • Meals: dinner, lunch
  • Special diets: vegetarian-friendly, halal, and vegan options
  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Persian
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 773-583-1400
  • Location: 4748 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625-4421

If you want to taste Mediterranean food, Kabobi can be a great place to hang out! You’ll get the perfect taste of Persian Kabob, Lamb Koubideh, Chicken Koubideh, Chicken Biriyani, Lamb Shank, and what not!

Even better, Kabobi has traditional dishes and seafood items. So be sure to find a mixture of tastes to find your favorite dish here. Whether it’s a family hangout or a friend’s gathering, you can find yummy halal food at a reasonable price.

The inner vibe is quite Persian at its finest. For some people, it might not be that much attractive. Yet, the incredible list of halal foods will blow your mind. So if you’re living near 4748 N Kedzie Avenue, don’t forget to check it out!



At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner, solo dining
  • Special diets: comfort, halal, quick bite, small plates
  • At Facebook:
  • Phone number: +1 773-681-0933
  • Location: 4825 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago, IL 60625

HALAL INN is located within a few minutes’ walking distance from Kabobi restaurant. It’s famous for Pizza, Wings, Grilled Chicken, and Tenders. However, you can find a full list of other wonderful items here.

The staff works hard to keep the environment clean and polite. Because of the spacious decoration, you can expect to maintain a fair distance from other people. Hence, solo dining is for you! Or perhaps get together with family and friends for dinner or lunch as you wish. They have cost-saving family packages to meet your demands.

For the most part, HALAL INN offers discounts to their customers. We’re especially thrilled by the all occasion catering packages and home delivery service. You can order through GRUBHUB or Uber-Eats to get food delivery at your doorstep.

5. Naf Naf Grill

Naf Naf Grill

At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner
  • Special diets: halal, vegetarian-friendly, vegan
  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, fast food
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 312-263-0019
  • Location: 326 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60601-3714

Whether you’re a tourist, a group of university friends, or family members looking to hang out in a halal restaurant, you’ll love Naf Naf Grill! It’s a counter-server chain of tasty Middle Eastern grill, rice, salad, shawarma, falafel on pitas, sauce, and more…

The restaurant was founded in Naperville, Illinois by Sahar Sander back in 2009. Still, his handmade food recipes are followed along to provide authentic flavor to every customer. Once you get to sit for a meal, you’ll always be willing to share it with the dearest ones. No matter you’re gluten-free, meat-lover, or a vegan, it has everything to meet the demand of various individuals.

Consequently, their flexible debit and credit cards payment will make it convenient for everyone to come and enjoy. So Naf Naf Grill is definitely one of the best partners for all occasions Middle Eastern Feast.

6. Bundoo Khan

Bundoo Khan

At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner, solo dining
  • Special diets: halal, chicken, beef, fish tender
  • Cuisines: Pakistani, middle eastern
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 872-241-9100
  • Location: 2539 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659-1841

Do you remember the Sabri Nihari restaurant on our list at number two? Well, Bundoo Khan can be seen just right from there. You can reach it by just walking 2-3 minutes on foot. So they are very closely located halal restaurants you can choose between.

Bundoo Khan offers classic Pakistani cuisine in a friendly environment. Their catering is awesome and modern. We like the simplistic, modern inner vibe that welcomes the customers like a homey setting.

Moreover, this restaurant has an excellent list of appetizers, special rolls, steaks, grill, and fast food items. You can expect them all to come at a reasonable price. The authentic taste of Pakistani grill cuisine in Chicago will amaze you for sure!

Overall, it’s a great traditional flavor you’ll remember.

7. Turquoise Restaurant

Turquoise Restaurant

At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner, brunch, drinks
  • Special diets: Vegetarian Friendly, Vegan Options, Halal, Gluten-Free Options
  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, Turkish
  • Website:  
  • Phone number: +1 773-549-3523
  • Location: 2147 W Roscoe Street, Chicago, IL 60618-6271

In 2002, TURQUOISE Restaurant was initiated in Roscoe Village. Form that time; it’s committed to serving healthy halal foods for everyday lunch, dinner, or brunch. One of the most amazing facts about this place is the outdoor seating arrangement for the summer season. However, you can enjoy the inner vibe as well.

What we like most is that there’re private rooms available if Muslim women need extra covering as veils. You may also call their catering team for home feast arrangements. The restaurant is inspired by a handful of Turkish/ Mediterranean dishes.

Some of the incredible food items include Grilled Calamari, Fried Calamari, Mussels, Moreover, and more. All in all, if you want to enjoy Turkish cuisine at its best, this can be a suitable place to hang out!

8. Rumi Middle Eastern Grill

Rumi Middle Eastern Grill

At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner, late-night
  • Special diets: halal, vegetarian friendly
  • Cuisines: Arabic, Mediterranean, grill, healthy, middle eastern,
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 773-666-5119
  • Location: 1534 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622-2008

If you’re around 1534 N Milwaukee Avenue and searching for a Middle Eastern restaurant nearby, Rumi is what exactly you should visit! It’s a very popular restaurant among Muslim cultural groups. Because of the wheelchair-accessible seating/toilet/entrance, families with elderly persons shouldn’t bother enjoying the casual and cozy vibe of this wonderful place.

Even better, payment methods include Debit/Credit Cards and NFC mobile transaction services. That makes it suitable for people of all classes. Some of the available dining options include breakfast, dinner, lunch, seating, and catering.

As per your concern, the offerings you’ll get are halal, comfort, salad bar, vegetarian, quick bite, healthy options, and late-night food items. Overall, Rumi Middle Eastern Grill is a perfect halal restaurant whether you take delivery, takeaway, or dine-in.

9. Sultan’s Market

Sultan's Market

At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner
  • Special diets: halal, vegetarian-friendly, vegan options
  • Cuisines: Middle Eastern, Fast Food
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 773-235-3072
  • Location: 2057 W North Ave, Chicago, IL 60647-6758

Sultan’s Market was initiated by May Ramli first at 2057 W. North Avenue, Chicago. So far what we’ve learned, it has 3 branches correspondingly at WICKER PARK, LINCOLN PARK, and LOGAN SQUARE.

If you’re somewhere around there, it’s the right place to sit for a halal dinner or lunch. The spicy flavor of falafel, spinach pie, and lentils will surely taste good!

The perfect Middle Eastern halal foods are here. You can also find vegetarian options, small plates, quick bite, or healthy options. However, the only thing we are not surprised by is the payment options. They might only take cash and NFC payments. But you got to check it with them first since this can be updated anytime.

10. Oasis Cafe

Oasis Cafe

At a Glance –

  • Meals: lunch, dinner, solo dining
  • Special diets: halal, vegan options, vegetarian friendly
  • Cuisines: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Lebanese, Fast Food
  • Website:
  • Phone number: +1 312-443-9534
  • Location: 21 N Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60602-4735

The last one is yet another restaurant of halal foods with the authentic taste of Mediterranean or Middle Eastern culture. What’s wonderful is the quiet and calm environment because it’s located at the back of a jewelry shop. The staffs are amazing and serve food very quickly.

You can find halal, vegan, and vegetarian-friendly foods here. Consequently, the seating arrangement is quite organized. It contains enough space for kids and old persons to move freely even with a wheelchair. So that makes it perfect for family hangouts, get-togethers, or solo dining during post-COVID situations.

Tasty falafel, hummus, veggies, or soups are some of the favorite dishes of their customers. Besides, prices are reasonable and overall a good value.


Other than these, you can find many other good quality halal restaurants in Chicago city. All of them keep a long list of fresh halal foods for everyday lunch or dinner. And they come at a great price with a smile from friendly staff!

However, you got to check the payment methods with them. Besides, not every restaurant will have full facilities for wheelchair-adopted persons. So it’s good to call them first before planning to hang out with family, friends, or alone.

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