Round Steak vs. Flank Steak: Head to Head Compression

Round Steak vs. Flank SteakAs a team that loves to have steak, we often debate which cut of meat is the best. Even though there are loads of different cuts, the hottest debate that occurs between us is about flank and round cuts.

However, recently, we noticed that this topic of flank steak vs. round steak is pretty common. It is not the debate that we only have among ourselves. So, we took the step to settle it once it for all.

How do we plan to do that? Well, we made a head-to-head comparison in between the cuts. We factored in all of the essential factors to learn about the cuts.

Starting from marbling to fat ratio to the glazing the cuts offer, we considered all of these factors. And through this article, we will spill all of the info we have learned.

What Is Round Steak?

What Is Round Steak

The round cut is relatively inexpensive, and it is pretty much lean compared to other options available for steak. It comes from the hind and rump legs. The muscles that are present in this area are mainly used for movement. For that reason, the fat ratio will not be that high for this cut.

Benefits of Round Steak

There are a good amount of advantages that make the round cut better than others. Want to learn about them? Go through this segment.


As mentioned, this cut comes from the hind and rump legs. This specific part is only used for movements, which lowers the fat ratio. In fact, there will be no fat at all in most cases. That makes it achieve a significantly lower amount of calories.

this cut comes from the hind and rump legs

So, if you are considering having a steak as a cheat meal, you will not have to go through waves of guilt after enjoying a round steak.

Protein Rich

When the meat has a low fat count, it is pretty natural for it to have a higher amount of protein. To be exact, if you consider the daily protein value of a 2000 calorie diet, your body will get 50 percent of the required protein from this steak. For that reason, it is an excellent pick for anyone that is planning to bulk up.


This cut is an excellent pick if you want to roast your steak. By carrying out a slow roast process, you will be capable of getting a juicy and rich steak. Also, it provides a massive burst of flavor when cooked slowly at a low-temperature level. That will give you a flavorful medium-rare steak.


These cuts can be frozen for at least a year

It will be possible to freeze these cuts for at least a year. And when you cook the cut, you can store them for at least three days in the refrigerator. Both the taste and the juiciness will remain top-notch in that condition if you carry out the cooking process accordingly.


Due to how lean the cut is, it is not the go-to option for people that loves tender steak. In fact, you will often find it always in the supermarket’s discounted isle. That means it will be possible to get yourself this cut without having to break your wallet.

Disadvantages of Round Steak Cut

Like any other thing, round-cut steaks are not perfect. There are some flaws, and you should know about them before picking them up for dinner.


One of the drawbacks of this cut is that it has a pretty rough texture. So, if you do not marinate it properly, you will find it hard to chew it. In other words, the meat will be chewy. And that is something that people do not like while having a steak.

However, you can mitigate the is issue by properly marinating the cut and slow cooking it.

Requires Effort

Even if you opt for the pot roast or slow cooking method, to get a good amount of flavor out of this cut, you need to put in a good amount of time and effort. That is a deal-breaking thing for people that loves tender and juicy steak.

What Is a Flank Steak?

What Is a Flank Steak

The flank cut comes from the underside of the cow. And it will be from the further back region of the belly. Like some of the other cuts, this portion will be lean as well.

However, unlike some other parts, it will be full of flavors. So, you can easily get an enjoyable steak-eating experience if you marinate it properly.

Advantages of Flank Steak Cut

As we mentioned, flank steak cuts are often praised for being capable of providing a tremendous steak-eating experience. But what actually makes it capable of offering that?

Let us go through each of the factors, shall we?


Unlike some of the other cuts, this will pack a good amount of flavor. Where does the flavor come from?

The fat ratio. If you consider a 3oz serving of the cut, you will get at least 2.6 grams of fat out of the portion. That amount of fat is more than enough to make this steak burst with oozing flavors.


Even though it has a comparatively higher amount of fat when compared to some of the other cuts, it is still full of protein. In fact, the 3oz portion will be capable of providing you with at least 23 grams of protein. Now, that is not a small amount at all.

So, if you plan to bulk up and want to integrate steak into your diet, this cut is a good pick.


The slight amount of fat that the cut has makes it exceptionally versatile. You will be capable of using it as a rolling, stuffing, and tying component of different recipes such as braciola and pinwheel. Also, you will find plenty of fajita recipes opting for this cut.


Flank Steak Cut storage

Like some of the other cuts, it will be possible to store it uncooked for up to a year. And when you cook it, you can refrigerate it for up to four days. If you carry out the marination is cooking process perfectly, the flavor and taste will be top-notch in that entire period.


Getting a piece of this cut will not require you to break your wallet. In fact, it might be one of the most flavorful steak cuts at an affordable price point. So, you can easily pick one cut for dinner.

Disadvantages of Flank Steak Cut

Like some of the other cuts, the flank steak does associate with some of the drawbacks. By getting a good idea about the things it lags in, the choosing process can become much more manageable for you. So, let us get into describing them.


The texture is a bit tough for this cut. In other words, you will not be capable of getting a high tender profile out of these steaks. Even if you follow a slow cooking process, the tender level will not be exceptionally high compared to what other fat-rich cuts can offer.

Not That Easy to Cook

As the cut has considerably less amount of fat in it, it is pretty easy to overcook it. And by doing so, you will end up with a highly chewy and dry steak. In other words, to perfect the cooking process of a flank steak, you would need to get a bit used to the cooking process.

Differences Between Round Steak and Flank Steak

 Flank Steak and Round Steak

To pick a winner between flank steak vs. top round or other round cuts, you would need to have a fair idea of the differences between them. And these are the major ones:

Fat Count

When you consider the fat ratio, the flank will take the lead. The top round or round cuts are highly lean. That portion will be mostly used for movement, which basically hinders fat accumulation. For that reason, you will not get that much flavor out of around as you would get from a flank steak.

Protein Count

Due to having a bit of fat, the protein ratio is a bit low on flank steak. For that reason, if you are planning to stick to a protein-rich diet only, it would be a good idea to get the round cut over the flank.


The slight amount of fat makes the flank cut a bit less chewy compared to a round cut. That less chewy texture will allow you to follow a less harsh slow cook method. However, you will still need to ensure that you do not overcook it, or else it will dry as Sahara desert.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much protein will I get from the round steak cut?

If you consider the daily nutrient intake value that consists of a 2000 calorie diet, the round steak cut will offer you 50 percent of the total required fat. In other words, a 3 oz portion will offer at least 25 grams of protein.

2. Which one is more flavorful between round and flank steak cut?

When it comes to flavor, the flank steak will have the lead. It contains a bit of fat, which makes it obtain more flavor than the round. However, if you marinate the round steak for a prolonged amount of time, it will surely be possible to get a good amount of flavor.

3. Should I follow the slow-cooking process for flank and round steak?

Yes, you should follow the slow-cooking process for both the flank and round steak cuts. They contain a considerably less amount of fat, which means if you overcook it while setting the temperature high, the chances of them getting bone dry will be exceptionally high.

Final Words

So, when it comes to flank steak vs round steak, there are a good amount of differences.

Not only will they come in different shapes, but also there is a difference in terms of flavor, fat count, and protein count. And if you prioritize flavor over everything, the flank steak will be an ideal pick.

On the other hand, if you want something that is exceptionally lean and has a higher protein count, you should go with the round steak cuts.

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