Bluestar vs. Wolf: Which Gas Range Is Better?

Bluestar vs. WolfWhen it comes to getting top-tier gas range, two of the go-to picks for people are Wolf and Bluestar. Both of the brands are American-based and are well-known for offering fantastic kitchen appliances. However, when it comes to sticking with one brand, many will fall into a severe predicament.

In fact, we were having a massive debate about Bluestar vs. Wolf among our team members when we decided to upgrade our kitchen space. We had to make a head-to-head comparison to settle things once it for all. And through that, we learned where one excels than the other and vice-versa.

In this article, we will share all of that information. So, if you want to get out of the dilemma that you are in at the moment, we would recommend sticking until the very end.

A brief About Bluestar?


The kitchen appliance brand Bluestar came into the market pretty recently. And even though they are relatively new to the kitchen appliances world, do not think that they are not good at what they are doing. They are well-known for offering top-tier and restaurant-style cooking ranges to the market.

Advantages of Bluestar Ranges

So, what makes the ranges of Bluestar be top-tier? Well, there are plenty of reasons behind that. And in this segment, we will go through the most significant ones.

Color Options

Bluestar Ranges Color Options

Know any company that offers a nearly unlimited amount of customization options for their offerings? Well, now you do! Yes, Bluestar offers loads of color options for their ranges. It will be possible to get a range that will have your preferred finish and color.

In fact, the brand offers color options in terms of the door, knob, back guards, and trim. Yes, all of them can come in your preferred color. So, it will be easy to maintain a color theme in your kitchen and make the range match the other appliances in your kitchen.

Size Options

Size Options

Just like the colors, you will have loads of options for the sizes. Depending on the amount of space left in your kitchen, you can pick the small, medium, semi-medium, and large sizes. That means you will not even have to worry about not being able to accommodate the range adequately in your kitchen either.

Burners with Enamel Coating

Bluestar Ranges Burners with Enamel Coating

The brand will generally utilize patented Ultranove cast-iron burners for their ranges. This burner will have an open style, which is something that most of the users prefer. Also, they will go a step ahead and coat the upper surface with porcelain-enamel coating.

Infrared Broiler

Bluestar Ranges Infrared Broiler

There will be an infrared interior broiler for most of the models. This type of broiler will allow you to get the maximum level of crisping on the surface of the foods. Searing the foods to perfection in a small amount of time will also be possible.

Large Oven

Large Oven

For most cases, there will be an extra-large gas convection oven. The BTU rating will be reasonably high for most models, and you will be capable of accommodating most of the large cookware inside the oven.

Disadvantages of Bluestar Ranges

Yes, the offerings from the Bluestar are top-tier and restaurant-grade. However, there are some drawbacks. The major ones are as follows:


As the range opts for open burners, you would need to put in a little bit of extra effort when it comes to maintenance. In fact, if you want to ensure that there is no grease buildup on the top, you would need to clean the burners after each time you use them.


Some of the models have some ignitor issues. For example, the ignition feature might not cut off all of the time. Also, you might notice that the ignition is not working properly while you are operating the burners.

A Brief About Wolf?


Like some of the other big names that are in the market, Wolf is also known for providing high-end kitchen appliances. And unlike some of the other manufacturers, Wolf has been in the market for an extended amount of time. They even have a pretty good track record.

Benefits of Wolf Ranges

So, do the ranges of Wolf live up to the fame? Are they really a good pick for the money? Spoiler Alert! They do! But what makes them so worthy? Well, these are the reasons:

Color Options

Wolf Ranges Color options

The brand provides a good amount of color options for the ranges. However, you will not be capable of changing the color of the main body. It features a construction of solid stainless steel and has a stainless steel finish on the exterior. But you can change the control knob and other parts of the range.

Size Options

Wolf Ranges Size Options

If you take a closer look into Wolf’s lineup of grills and burners, you will find that each option will come in different sizes. That means it will be possible to get the one that will fit your kitchen perfectly.

High-Grade Burners

Wolf Ranges High-Grade Burners

On the top, most of the ranges of the Wolf will come with three or four burners. Each one of them will have a reasonably higher BTU rating. In other words, it will be possible to quickly prepare most of the dishes. Also, you will be capable of handling a large batch of food without facing any issues.

Properly Racked Oven

Properly Racked Oven

You will not be one bit disappointed when it comes to the integrated oven. There will be a good number of racks inside. That will allow you to prepare multiple dishes simultaneously. The halogen light inside will also be capable of properly illuminating the interior, which will make it easier to monitor the cooking process.

Ignition System

Most of the ranges from Wolf will come with the Spark ignition system. That will make it easier to start the burners. Also, the brand will integrate a reignition system, which will make it easier to regulate the overall temperature of the burners.

Disadvantages of Wolf Burners

All is not well for the offerings of Wolf. The burners have some common issues that you should know before purchasing one of them.

Color Options

Yes, Wolf does offer a good amount of color options for the knobs and other parts of the range. But you will not be capable of modifying the color of the body. Now, this might be a major con for some people as they would want to match the whole vibe of the kitchen with one particular color.


Even though the oven of the ranges will be pretty large in size, the broiler options are not going to be that advanced. So, if you were looking to quickly sear foods, you might want to pick other options.

Differences Between Bluestar and Wolf Ranges

Differences Between Bluestar and Wolf Ranges

Wolf and Bluestar are two different brands. They are not connected by any means. This separation creates competition. And it is pretty natural for each of the manufacturers will strive to outperform the other with their offerings. Well, the same thing is applicable to this case. That said, here are the differences:


For most cases, Bluestar ranges will come with open burners. Even though these burners are capable of providing a higher BTU rate, they will be much prone to grease buildups. That means you would need to do frequent clean-ups. Well, that will not be the case for the offerings of Wolf. They will come with sealed burners.

There will be no need to go through the cleaning process after each use of the sealed burners. Also, there will be no need to disassemble the whole upper burner section while you are carrying out the cleaning procedure.


Most of the ranges from Bluestar will come with an infrared broiler. That will allow you to quickly sear and bake foods. However, for the units of Wolf, you will need a good amount of patience.


You will have loads of customizable options for the ranges of Bluestar. However, for Wolf, the customizability options are pretty limited. You will not even have that many choices for the things that you can customize on their offerings.

Ignition Process

From our experience, we have found the ignition system of the Wolf to be reliable. The reignition process that the brand has integrated is the main reason for this. On the other hand, the ignition feature of the Bluestar tends to malfunction from time to time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bluestar ranges have a self-cleaning feature?

Some of the offerings from Bluestar will come with a self-cleaning feature. However, you would still need to carry out a manual cleaning process for maintaining the ranges properly. Also, the models with the self-cleaning feature will be in the premium price range.

Are the ranges of Wolf worth it?

In most cases, the range of Wolf will be packed with convenient features. They will even provide a good value for the money. For that reason, we would say that they are very much worth the money.

How many burners do Wolf ranges have?

Usually, the medium-sized ones will come with at least four burners. And for the large-sized ones, there will be up to eight burners on the top. So, it will basically depend on the size of the range you will be picking.

Final Words

So, is there any winner when it comes to Wolf vs Bluestar gas range? Not really! Both brands offer high-quality and top-end ranges to the market. However, if better broiler function and higher customizability are something that you prioritize, get the one from Bluestar.

On the other hand, if you do not want to go through any issues when it comes to maintenance and if you want a better ignition feature, opt for the ranges of Wolf.

These will offer reliable ignition performance, and you will not need to go through any hassle when it comes to keeping the top clean.

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