Best Oven for Baking Cookies and Cakes: Top 10 Picks

Best Oven for Baking Cookies and CakesAlthough all electric ovens can bake cookies, there are some ovens that are specifically good at booking cookies.

Along with your skills, the best oven for baking cookies is a must if you want to make commercial bakery-like cookies at home.

While looking for one, you have to take lots of things into consideration apart from the volume and number of functions.

If you don’t want to take the hassle of digging deep to find the most appropriate oven for your baking needs, you can rely on this list of ovens. We came up with this list based on verified customer reviews and professional bakers’ opinions.



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Oster French Convection Home Baking Oven

5 out of 5

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COSORI Toaster Oven Combo

5 out of 5

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Panasonic NB-G110P-K FlashXpress Toaster Oven

4.5 out of 5

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Black+Decker Countertop Convection Oven

4 out of 5

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Toshiba Digital Toaster Oven

4.5 out of 5

Benefits of Using a Baking Oven for Cookies and Cake Making

Benefits of Using a Baking Oven for Cookies and Cake Making

Using a convection toast oven, you’ll get the following benefits for baking cakes and cookies –

Fast Preheating

Fast Preheating

The convection oven preheats really fast. Compared to a regular oven, it preheats 30% faster.

Even Baking

Even Baking

For the fan inside the convection oven, hot air is circulated inside the chamber evenly. This significantly helps to cook or bake items evenly from all sides.

Energy Efficient

Heating elements with fans for air circulation, convection ovens use much less energy when compared to other ovens. Thus, these are more energy efficient baking options.

Our Top 10 Baking Oven for Cakes and Cookies in 2022

Regardless of your baking preferences and budget, you’ll find the most suitable oven from the list below.

1. Oster French Convection Countertop Oven for Baking

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Highlighted Features

  • Turbo convection baking makes cookies evenly brown
  • Digital control shows precise cooking time
  • Single door pull system
  • Slow cooking at 150 degrees Fahrenheit for 6 hours
  • 90 minutes timer with auto shut off
  • 35.6L capacity accommodates 2 large 16 inches pizzas

The first product on the list is a pretty large one from Oster. The manufacturer has a lot of ovens in their product lineup, and this convection oven is a really good cookie baking oven.

If you need a larger unit for versatile baking purposes apart from just baking cookies, this one will enhance your overall baking experience.

Unlike conventional ovens, the temperatures are very accurate. If you want to try a recipe that requires precise heating, this oven won’t let you down.

Although they claim the cooking time is precise, when compared to any regular oven, it takes a bit longer. After trying a few recipes, you will be able to figure out how long you’ll have to wait for each baking session.

Its turbo convection baking technology makes cookies evenly brown. So, all the cookies on the pan will be evenly baked even if any cookies are placed at the corner of the baking pan.

For slow cooking, you can use its preset temperature of 150-degrees Fahrenheit. This will take around 6 hours to complete the cooking. And recipes that require slow cooking come excellent out of the oven.

The interior can accommodate 2 large 16 inches pizzas. So, the volume is good enough for a large batch of cookies.

You can open the door with one hand. But, you gotta be careful and hold the door for a few seconds. Otherwise, it will snap back to the previous closed state and may burn your wrist.


  • An effective slow cooking system
  • Doors can be opened with a single hand
  • Large interior for a large batch of cookies
  • Shuts off automatically after 90 minutes
  • It doesn’t make the kitchen too hot


  • Doors can burn your wrist if you aren’t careful
  • It takes a bit longer to finish baking

2. COSORI Toaster Oven Combo

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Highlighted Features

  • 11 functions for cooking, toasting, and baking
  • 25L capacity can accommodate a 12 inches pizza and 6 slices of bread
  • Non-stick interior for easy cleaning
  • Convection fan for even cooking
  • Includes a recipe book of 52 recipes

This manufacturer produces affordable kitchen appliances, including different types of ovens. With this budget-friendly toaster oven combo unit, you can easily bake cookies while using it for other recipes, including a rotisserie, roast, bagel, toast, bake, etc., up to 11 cooking functions.

Preparing different types of food is possible in this convection oven. The convection fan makes sure foods are evenly cooked – the same goes for baking cakes and cookies.

For using it as a toaster, you can choose the toast level from light to dark. Cooking rotisserie chicken is a pleasant experience using this oven. It rotates the chicken 360 degrees to make the chicken evenly cooked.

Although this convection oven also has an air fryer function, the quality isn’t similar to other ovens. This is one of the areas where this unit lacks.

With a 25L capacity at a time, you can make one 12 inches pizza along with 6 slices of bread. The capacity is more than enough for the baking needs of a small family. You can bake a small batch of cookies with it.


  • Excellent slow cooking ability
  • Easy to clean non-stick interior
  • Ideal capacity for a small family
  • Versatile convection oven for endless recipes
  • Oven light to check on the foods


  • Average air fryer
  • Cooking time is slow

3. Panasonic NB-G110P-K Cookie Baking Oven

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Highlighted Features

  • Double infrared heating system
  • 6 presets for meals, snacks, and sides
  • Precise digital temperature control
  • Interior light
  • 4-slice capacity toaster oven

The brand Panasonic doesn’t need an introduction. Their kitchen appliances are extremely reliable for what they promise to serve. If you don’t need a big countertop oven for baking cookies, this toaster oven from Panasonic would be the right choice for this purpose.

This toaster oven can bake cakes, cookies, toast, brownies, and reheat much faster than you can expect. With 6 preset cooking functions, you can try meals, snacks, sides, etc., with minimum hassle.

There’s no need for preheating the interior before placing items on the baking tray, meaning it’s powerful enough to bake or cook items from the beginning. It has two infrared oven heating elements, one at the front, and another at the back, to make sure foods are evenly cooked or baked.

The interior has a small capacity that can accommodate a personal pizza or four slices of white bread. That’s the reason why it takes much less space on the countertop. For studio apartments and dormitories, this oven would be the perfect fit.

Although there are some limitations to baking, this oven bakes cookies really well. The same goes for toasting; it’s fast and even from the inside out.


  • It gets evenly hot for its dual-infrared heating system
  • Great for quick meals, snacks, and sides
  • Bakes cookies and makes toasts really well
  • Small and compact countertop oven
  • Auto shutoff prevents overcooking and burning
  • Opening the door is safer


  • Can’t bake for longer than 25 minutes, not a quick option for baking

4. Black+Decker Countertop Oven

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Highlighted Features

  • 8 cooking presets for versatility
  • Fast preheating system
  • Convection technology evenly circulates heat
  • 20% faster cooking for regular items
  • 450 degrees Fahrenheit max temperature
  • It fits a 12 inches pizza

Countertop toaster ovens aren’t underpowered if you take this one into consideration. You can pretty much cook and bake everything with this toaster oven.

This convection oven is most suitable for macarons, baking cookies, cooking frozen snacks, reheating pizza, and many more. People also use it for roasted veggies, chicken, salmon, casseroles, and similar regular items. So, yeah, you’ll not be limited to only toasting bread, baking cakes, and cookies.

Preheating this oven is pretty fast. Unlike regular ones, it doesn’t take too long and doesn’t make much noise either.

If you are using it as a toaster, keep in mind that this might take a bit longer than a regular toaster.

You can easily fit a 12 inches pizza inside it. So, this oven will be more than enough for a medium batch of cookies.

The package also includes a removable crumb tray and a broiling tray. Sliding out the tray in the bottom is super easy for crumb removal. However, crumbs can drop into the button heating element if you don’t handle it with care.

One of the disappointments of this oven is its digital control buttons, which are hard to see in low light. Also, clicking the button for temperature settings takes forever, and it feels annoying.


  • Preheats the interior faster than regular ovens
  • Extremely good at cooking different items, including baking cookies
  • It doesn’t take much space on the countertop
  • Stays relatively quiet while operating
  • Suitable for versatile cooking and baking needs


  • Toasting bread takes a bit longer
  • Digital controls are hard to see in low light

5. Toshiba Digital Toaster Oven with Convection Cooking

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Highlighted Features

  • 10 cooking functions
  • 25L capacity fits a 12 inch pizza
  • 1500W powerful output for faster cooking
  • Adjustable temperature range from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Digital LCD and control knobs

If you’re looking for a powerful toaster oven for baking cookies, this 1500w convection oven got you covered. Toasting, baking, and cooking, this oven handles all these with great efficiency.

There’re 10 cooking presets you can choose from. Also, you can adjust the temperature from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. There will be no limit for trying out new recipes that require precise temperature settings.

The interior is spacious enough to accommodate 6 slices of bread or a 12 inch pizza. It will easily fit a 4 pounds chicken as well. You can bake 2 batches of cookies at a time with this best cookie oven.

For its powerful convection fan, hot air circulates evenly inside the oven. As a result, no food portion is left undercooked whatsoever. This greatly helps the toaster oven to cook and bake quickly and evenly. Be sure to use parchment paper or a silicone baking mat before baking.

Once the food is ready, the oven will beep loudly to grab your attention to make sure the food isn’t overcooked. The LCD screen is big, and dials are easy to turn.

You’ll find its non-stick interior surface fairly easy to clean. There’s a removable crumb tray to clean up messes more conveniently.


  • Pretty fast cooking and baking performance for high wattage
  • Adjustable temperature settings for versatile cooking needs
  • Quite spacious for 2 batches of cookies
  • Easy to read LCD
  • Highly energy efficient


  • The beep can scare your pet

6. Cuisinart Chef’s Baking Oven

Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Toaster Oven

Highlighted Features

  • 1800 watts convection oven
  • 15 cooking presets
  • It accommodates a 13 inch pizza or a whole chicken
  • 2-hour timer
  • HeatTM sensor for precise temperature
  • EvenTM toast control for consistent toasting results
  • Non-stick easy to, clean interior

For a mid-size convection toaster oven, Cuisinart Chef’s Convection Oven is one of the strong competitors in the market. It’s powerful and spacious enough to meet your most cooking and baking needs.

This convection oven can easily fit a 13 inches pizza or 9 slices of bread or a whole chicken for an entire family. From 15 cooking settings, you can choose a recipe to get your meals, snacks, or sides done conveniently. Also, there are adjustable temperatures for trying out other than preset recipes.

The internal temperature stays consistent and precise to make sure cooking or baking is done properly. There won’t be any under or overcooked portion whatsoever. Unlike a conventional oven, toasting results will be much more consistent. You can set a 2-hour timer for recipes that require slow cooking.

Cuisinart implemented a door sensor to activate this oven. However, the rack position is connected to the door for this sensor to work, which doesn’t make opening this oven smooth.

For ease of cleaning, it comes with a removable crumbs tray. Also, the non-stick interior is quite convenient to clean. So, after cooking for the family, cleaning this oven won’t bother you that much.


  • Faster cooking with a powerful convection system
  • Large interior to prepare meals for an entire family
  • Can bake a large batch of cookies
  • Large easy to see the backlit display
  • Maintains a precise temperature for even cooking and baking
  • Easy to clean interior and crumb tray


  • The door opening doesn’t feel that smooth

7. LUBY Large Countertop Oven

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Highlighted Features

  • 55L large electric oven
  • Adjustable temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Separate temperature control for upper and lower racks
  • 60-minute timer
  • Easy to turn knobs

Are you looking for a large electric oven for baking cakes, cookies, or any regular item? This extra-large oven from LUBY can be the right pick for your cooking needs. For preparing meals for a large family, this oven got enough space inside it.

As it’s a regular oven, there are no cooking presets. You’ll have to adjust the temperature manually as your recipes require. Depending on the recipe, you can adjust the temperature up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this one is a larger unit, energy consumption isn’t that much considering the size.

The unit preheats faster and provides even heat for its effective heating element. So, even though it’s not a convection oven, you’ll find foods are cooked or baked evenly from all sides, which also makes it one of the best ovens for baking cakes at home.

Inside this oven, you can fit a 13 inch large pizza, 24 cup muffin trays, and a large cookie tray. With its 4 rack positions, you can at least bake 3 large batches of cookies at a time, making it the best oven for baking cookies.

Furthermore, the interior is large enough to fit a 20 lbs turkey or large tenderloin easily.

You can set different temperatures for the upper and lower rack inside the oven. For preparing multiple meals at a time, this feature is extremely useful.

There’s a 60-minute timer along with an auto shutoff feature to make sure the foods aren’t overcooked whatsoever. Once the cooking or baking is done, it will let you know with a single bell.

Keep in mind when it’s used for a long time, the outside or areas around the countertop will get hot.


  • Ideal size for a large family
  • Preheats and cooks pretty fast
  • Different meals can be cooked setting separate temperatures for each meal
  • Space-saving door design doesn’t take much space on the countertop
  • Enough space for at least 3 batches of cookies


  • The area around the oven gets really hot

8. Breville Smart Oven Pro

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”350″ identifier=”B0793FPLY4″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”acadias-20″ width=”350″]

Highlighted Features

  • 1800 watts convection system
  • 10 cooking settings
  • Element IQ system ensures even heat distribution
  • 30% energy efficient
  • Fits a 13 inches pizza
  • Integrated oven light

This portable oven for baking cakes and cookies comes with the power of a regular gas oven but in a compact form factor. The interior is large enough to fit a whole chicken but not quite large for a turkey. However, you can easily fit a baking pan or a cookies tray without issues.

Its 1800 watts convection system preheats the oven fast. Once you close the door after putting food inside, it provides heat evenly to make sure there’s no undercooked portion in the food. More or less, it requires 30% less energy compared to a regular electric oven.

This cookie baking oven offers 10 cooking presets; you can easily set the temperature for your desired meals. However, you can also adjust the temperature manually from 120 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit for foods that need precise heating.

Unlike other toaster ovens, it doesn’t make sided toasts whatsoever. Also, baking cakes and cookies come with great results, making it one of the best oven for cake baking at home.

The control panel is easy to read and well labeled. This oven is the perfect size for your small countertop.

Its magnetic door ejects the rack conveniently. Also, there’s a crumb tray under the door for easy removal.


  • Fast preheating system
  • Maintains temperature quite well
  • Adjustable temperature from 120 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Great slow cooking function
  • It doesn’t take much space on the countertop
  • Well insulated interior traps heat well


  • It makes a loud buzzing sound when preheating begins

9. Oster Digital French Door Air Fry Oven

Oster Digital French Door Air Fry Oven

Highlighted Features

  • Extra-large interior capacity fits a full-size chicken
  • 10 cooking presets
  • Convenient French doors
  • 30% efficient preheating
  • 12-hour timer with auto shutoff
  • Interior light

Not all convection ovens are good for air frying. If this is one of the reasons why you’re looking for an oven apart from just baking cakes and cookies, Oster Air Fry Oven can be a great choice. Apart from air frying, it’s pretty good for slow cooking and dehydrating.

The oven easily fits a full-size chicken or 2 extra-large pizzas. It accommodates a 15 x 12 inches baking or pizza pan without any struggle for baking cakes and cookies.

There’re 10 cooking presets for you to choose from, including roast, toast, and bake. Preheating this unit won’t take much time. Compared to conventional microwave ovens, it preheats 35% faster. Thus, you can prepare foods faster too. The unit consumes much less energy than conventional toaster ovens out there.

It features digital controls allowing you to set a precise cooking time. You won’t find foods being overcooked whatsoever. There’s a 12-hour timer setting for slow cooking, and it’ll shut off after this period.

The oven got French doors, which are smooth to open with just a single pull. Inserting and removing trays and pans will be much more convenient for this. You won’t need to open the doors to check on the food as it got interior light as well.


  • Preheats quicker than most toaster ovens
  • Large enough to prepare meals for a family
  • Can bake 2 batches of cookies
  • Easy to remove the crumb tray
  • Perfect for air frying recipes


  • Not that good for convection baking

10. Prism Bakery Oven

Prism Oven

Highlighted Features

  • Modular design for ultimate baking control
  • Controllable exhaust and air circulation system
  • Automatic monitoring and adjusting options
  • Configurable heat transfer zones

For commercial bakery needs, the Prism commercial oven is worth mentioning. When you can’t compromise with the baking quality, Prism oven comes extremely reliable with its different oven zones and temperature adjustability.

There are low pressure burners for even baking above and below the baking chamber. Operators can control the temperature of both the top and bottom burner zones when bakery production requires a unique burner profile.

The convection module zone is used for setting, coloring, and drying. Heated air gets into the baking chamber, and the air is evenly distributed to the bakery items from above and below the conveyor.

Like the gas-fired zone, operators can also control air temperature, exhaust, and circulation velocity to maintain proper moisture in products for quality assurance.

The emithermic zone provides operators with better flexibility and control for baking cookies. Operators can configure this module as per cookies’ characteristics.

Hybrid, as the last zone, is extremely useful for product variety. It deals with moisture removal and applying a balanced color to the products.

So, yeah, this can be the ultimate cookie baking solution for your bakery business while maintaining quality and taste.


  • Optimum control over temperature
  • Even heat distribution is assured
  • Configuration can be adjusted for baking needs
  • Fairly easy installation and operation
  • Can bake different types of cookies


  • Only for industrial or commercial use

Cookies and Cakes Baking Oven Comparison Chart


Oven Type



Cooking Functions














Fits 4 slices of bread












Cuisinart Chef’s



Fits 9 slices of bread









Fits 6 slices of bread





Fits 2 large pizzas


Cookies and Cakes Baking Oven Buying Guide

Cookies and Cakes Baking Oven

If this is the first time you are opting for an oven to bake cakes and cookies, be sure to keep the following aspects in mind to make the purchase worthwhile.

Convection or Electric Oven?

Convection or Electric Oven

People mostly use electric ovens for baking cakes and cookies. However, convection ovens are also excellent when it comes to baking cookies. As hot air circulates inside the oven in a convection unit, this might not be the right type of oven for baking cakes.

Plus, using a convection oven allows you to use it for versatile purposes. You can prepare meals, snacks, and sides for your family and guests, which you can’t do with an electric unit. So, as for the best oven for home baking is concerned, you are good to go with a convection model.


Depending on how large a family you have, you need to opt for an oven with the right capacity. For preparing family dinner meals, you might want to get an oven that can accommodate an entire turkey or at least a full chicken.

Ovens that fit a 13 inches pizza are the largest model available. If the oven has space for an 11-12 inches pizza, it’s a mid-sized oven. For a small family, it’s the right size.

If you live in a studio apartment or a dorm room, an oven that fits a 10-11 inches pizza should be the right option to go for.

Keep in mind that the oven’s physical dimension will be determined by the interior capacity. So, consider the space you have on your countertop.

Cooking Presets

Convection toaster ovens come with 7-15 cooking presets for hassle-free cooking or baking experience. If you have any preferred recipe that you mostly have to make, opt for an oven that comes with the preset for this recipe.

Adjustable Temperature

Adjustable Temperature

Other than presets, you might have to cook recipes that require customized temperature settings. In that case, look for an oven with an adjustable temperature feature. Usually, convection ovens can reach as high as 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Door Opening

Oven Door Opening

Usually, ovens feature French door opening and bottom door opening mechanisms. French door opening is a space-saving option for the countertop. In contrast, the bottom opening door is more convenient for inserting and removing baking pans and trays.

Extra Features

The features below will make your baking experience even more convenient.



If you will be trying recipes that require slow-cooking, opt for a unit with your preferred timer duration. Usually, ovens come with a 2-24 hours timer setting feature.

Auto Shutoff

Auto Shutoff

If you are a busy person who often forgets things and overcook foods, be sure to go for an oven with the auto shutoff feature.

Interior Light

Interior Light

Having an interior light will allow you to check on the food without opening the door.

Tips to Make Perfect Cookies at Home

Whether you’re to try baking cookies for the first time or looking for tips to take your baking skills to the next level, the following tips will surely help you.

Leave the Cookie Dough in the Refrigerator for a While

Chilling the dough will make it firm and reduce the chance of spreading too much on the tray. This will give you thicker and more flavorful cookies.

The Right Temperature

get an oven thermometer

If your oven doesn’t deliver the exact temperature that you set it for, get an oven thermometer to know the exact temperature. You can then adjust the temperature if needed.

Also, be sure to use room temperature butter and eggs. These items should be cool to touch.

Baking Time

Baking Time

Your perfect type of cookies might need more or less baking time than what’s mentioned in a recipe.

Cookies are baked when the edges are set, turning into light brown. If you want softer cookies, remove the tray when the edges are set, but the center seems slightly underbaked.

For crispy cookies, wait a bit longer after the edges are set.

One Batch at a Time

If your oven has specific hot spots, you better bake one batch of cookies at a time because the tray that won’t be in the hot spots might still be undercooked.

This shouldn’t be an issue for a convection oven as there are fans inside to circulate hot air evenly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Convection Ovens Better for Baking Cakes?

The fan/fans inside a convection oven circulate hot air that heating elements produce. So, if your cake’s batter is too thin, the air circulation can mess with the batter. That’s why it’s better to avoid using convection ovens for baking cakes.

However, if you don’t pour the batter into the middle of the cake pan, this inconvenience can be avoided.

Thus, the most suitable oven for baking cakes is an electric unit.

2. At what temperature do cookies bake?

Most recipes suggest setting the oven on 350 to 375 degrees Fahrenheit to bake cookies. However, depending on the softness and hardness of the cookie, you might have to adjust the temperature lower or higher than the suggested temperature.

3. How long should I preheat the oven for cookies?

Be sure to preheat your oven for 10-15 minutes before inserting the sheet of cookies.

4. What size oven should I buy?

A 15-20 liters oven is perfect for personal or small family use. You would need a 21-30 liters oven if you got a mid-sized family. More than 30 liters would be the best oven capacity for a large family.

5. What type of oven do professional bakers use?

Most professional bakers use convection ovens to get the job done quickly and evenly. The same goes for the best oven for cookies for small bakery production.

Final Words

Although most products on the list are toaster convection ovens, these do the cake and cookie baking job exceedingly well for their effective and even heat distribution.

If you’re looking for a quick recommendation as to the best oven for cake baking along with cookies, I would suggest the Oster French Convection Oven for its faster baking time and capacity to bake multiple batches of cookies or a large cake at a time.

Up Next: Get a good quality pizza peel for ooni koda from our list.

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