Best Gravity Feed Smokers : Top 10 Model Reviewed for 2022

Best Gravity Feed SmokerWhether it be a party or a casual gathering, we all love a good barbecue!

Nothing tastes better than hot meat that has been freshly cooked on a smoker.

But, have you ever found yourself focusing more on the smoker than your guests at a party?

We agree, taking up the responsibility of cooking can be a bit painful at a party. You always have to stand by the grill, checking on the temperature. It’s as if you become the personal chef of the party instead of the host!

A great solution to this problem is investing in the best gravity feed smoker. These smokers can take care of the temperature regulation on their own. You won’t have to babysit the smoker!



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Masterbuilt MB20041220

5 out of 5

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Traeger Grills Pro Series 34

5 out of 5

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Z Grills ZPG-7002E 2020

4.5 out of 5

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Traeger Grills Pro Series 575

4 out of 5



4.5 out of 5

What Is Gravity Fed Smoker And How Does It Works?

What Is Gravity Fed Smoker

A gravity fed charcoal smoker is an advanced tool that can regulate its temperature on its own. This modern smoker uses the natural force of gravity to control its internal temperature.

This way, there’s no need for you to monitor the temperature so that the food cooks properly. You can just set your desired temperature and blow about as you like.

A typical gravity fed smoker is made out of eight main parts. This includes an open firebox, a cooking chamber, a charcoal chute, a ball valve, ashtray, fire gate, exhaust chimney, damper, and also an air intake damper.

Here is how you need to know to use a gravity fed smoker properly.

Step 1: Place The Meat

Place The Meat

Firstly, you have to open the cooking chamber and place all of the food that you want to smoke. You can put in meats, vegetables, or even fish on the smoker.

Step 2: Fill The Chute

Fill The Chute

Next, you will have to fill the charcoal chute with, you guessed it, charcoal. Make sure you add enough charcoal to properly cook the meat.

Add a bit more of the charcoal in the chute so that it can last throughout the smoking process.

If needed, you can also add different kinds of wood chunks into this cooking chamber. This helps add a nice smoky flavor.

Step 3: Let The Smoker Do All The Work

Let The Smoker Do All The Work

Now, after you have added the charcoal or wood chunks to the chute, the machine will do all the work!

On the upper left side of the smoker, there is a fire grate, and on the lower left side, there is an ashtray. The cool charcoal sits on either the fire grate or the charcoal grate.

The ball valve that we spoke about earlier is placed on the firebox. This Bart works as a temperature regulator by controlling how much air is let in.

You can control this ball valve. It will regulate how much air is drawn inside, and will also help distribute this heat to cook the food evenly.

The exhaust chimney on the unit has a damper. It takes excess air out of the chamber to remove the condensation.

Top 10 Best Gravity Feed Smoker Reviews 2022

1. Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Fed Charcoal Grill Smoker

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Highlighted Features

  • Comes with wheels
  • Weighs 202.9 lbs.
  • Runs on charcoal
  • Comes with a digital fan that controls temperature

One thing that people often appreciate on their insulated gravity fed smoker is wheels. Although we might feel like it’s a very minuscule feature, wheels on a smoker can actually be very helpful!

The first product on our list is this one from Masterbuilt. The grill plus smoker comes with wheels that you can use to move the smoker around.

For faster cooking, the unit is capable of reaching 225° F in just 10 minutes. If you wait 15 minutes, the machine can reach 700°F.

Controlling the temperature on your smoker has never been easier. Connect the smoker with the smart control device using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and control both cooking time and temperature.

If you need more space, the smoker also comes with a stainless steel side shelf. You can store your spices, or prepare the food using this space.


  • Easy to move around
  • Can be connected to a smart device for ease of control
  • Comes with an extra stainless steel shelf for more space
  • Can hold up to 10 lbs. of lump coal
  • Can reach high temperature very quickly


  • The hopper latch is not durable

2. Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Electric Wood Pellet Gravity Fed Smoker

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”350″ identifier=”B07GL7PNPQ” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”acadias-20″ width=”350″]

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with four wheels
  • Weighs only 46.49 lbs.
  • Variety of cooking options
  • Operates on wood pellets to give food a smoky taste

Sometimes, a lightweight smoker can be very helpful. They are very easy to move around and can be a great addition to camping trips, road trips, and different occasions.

This smoker from Traeger Grills Is the best gravity feed smoker when it comes to portability. Not only does the unit weigh only 46.49 pounds, but it also comes with wheels. You can just push it around and place it in the perfect position.

The smoker is operated with the help of wood pellets. This is a great way to add more flavor to your smoked food. Using just wood gives your food a very natural and earthy fired taste.

You can adjust the machine to cook your food both slowly or fast. The smoker can be used as a grill, to bake food, braise, roast, and even make barbecues.

The maximum temperature you can reach on this unit is 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature is very precise with a plus-minus 15° F temperature control.

The powerful steel construction makes this smoker very durable as well. Powder coat finish makes the exterior easy to clean. The porcelain grills can be scrubbed clean within minutes.


  • Lightweight and easy to position
  • Temperature control is very precise
  • Sturdy steel construction is easy to clean
  • Comes with a large cooking space
  • Can be used to smoke, grill, and even slow roast food


  • Does not come with an assembly manual

3. Z Grills ZPG-7002E 2020 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill & Smoker

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Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a wide 700 sq inch cooking space
  • Can be used as a grill, slow cooker, and bbq as well
  • Regulates temperature steadily with a fluctuation rate of 10 degrees F
  • Electric powered

Getting a smoker that can cook food in many ways can be a delight. You don’t have to spend money on buying a separate grill, or a separate slow roaster.

Using this smoker from Z Grills, You can smoke, bake, roast, grill, sear, char grill, and even BBQ your food.

The unit runs on wood pellets, which give your food a very nice smoky taste. You can use any wood pellet that you like, to add your preferred amount of smokiness.

It’s very easy to operate this smoker. You just press one button, and the smoker will turn on. The temperature remains within 10° of the set range. It can produce steady smoke that slowly seeps into meat, fish, and even vegetables.

For cooking space, you get a wide 700 sq. inch area. The temperature ranges from 180° to 450° F.

There’s a very large 20 lbs. pellet hopper in this smoker. Therefore, you can fill all the pellets at once, and eliminate the need of refilling the hopper.

The exterior of the unit is corrosion resistant and has a very nice polished finish. Any grease or food residue that sticks on it is easy to clean.


  • Temperature range of 180 degrees to 450 degrees F
  • Starts with the press of a button
  • Easy to maintain
  • Can be used to cook a variety of dishes
  • Constantly adds pellets to regulate temperature


  • The grill gets dents very easily

4. Traeger Grills Pro Series 575

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”350″ identifier=”B07T2FWL8Q” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”acadias-20″ width=”270″]

Highlighted Features

  • Small and compact size
  • Can be connected to Wi-Fi
  • Regulates temperature efficiently
  • 6-in-one smoker that can be used to cook a variety of food
  • Can reach a maximum temperature of 500 degrees F

If you don’t have that many people to cook for, a small-sized smoker such as this one from the Traeger Grills Pro series will be the best gravity fed charcoal grill for you.

You don’t need to sacrifice a lot of your backyard space to accommodate this grill.

Using wood pellets as its fuel, the food that you smoke on this smoker would be very flavorful.

Thanks to precise temperature control, this smoker can reach about 500° F temperature.

Connect the grill to your home Wi-Fi, and download the Traeger app. Using the app, you can control the grill from anywhere. Change the temperature, and check up on the time duration all on your phone.

If needed, you can also connect the device to your home Amazon Alexa to control the smoker using voice control.

This is a six in one pellet grill. Meaning, you can use it to grill, smoke, roast, bake, and barbecue food.

The grills are made of porcelain and can be cleaned very easily. No matter what food you are cooking, the residue won’t stick to it too hard.

This updated 575 model comes with a D2 drivetrain. This means that the smoker can start very quickly, and also heat up very fast.


  • 575 sq inch cooking area
  • Can be used as a grill, bbq, and even slow cooker
  • The porcelain grill is easy to clean
  • Temperature and cooking time can be controlled using a phone app
  • Connects to Amazon Alexa to give you voice control


  • Paint will peel if the machine is used on high heat for a long time



Highlighted Features

  • Comes with different rack options
  • Portable design
  • Can be used for professional use
  • Nickel chrome racks
  • Double insulated doors to keep the smoky flavor inside

A lot of things are important for smoking your food correctly. The right kind of insulation is one of those things.

This gravity fed smoker from Myron Mixon comes with military grade insulation. This ensures that the food inside the smoker is cooked efficiently. With better insulation, meat and fish get a richer smoky flavor.

The rounded charcoal chute has a 20lbs capacity. Besides that, all the hardware of this unit has been made with stainless steel. There is no reason to worry about rust with this smoker.

To keep all the rich smoky flavor inside, the doors of the smoker are a double insulated kind. This causes the smoky flavor to get into the meat more efficiently.

Nickel chrome made racks are easy to clean. Grease and food residue will still harden on the racks if left for too long but they can easily come off with a little cleaning.

For ease of movement, the smoker does come with wheels. You can customize the number of racks you want on the tool as well.

Although this is a very expensive product, it is the best gravity smoker for professional use.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Gives food a smokier flavor
  • Comes with a military grade insulation system
  • 20 lbs charcoal chute capacity
  • The water pan can be removed for thorough cleaning


  • Quite expensive

6. Bradley Smoker BS611 Electric Smoker

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”350″ identifier=”B007FFYHM0″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”acadias-20″ width=”350″]

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 25 kilos
  • The hopper can last through 9 hours of smoking
  • Water basin collects water and grease
  • The heating element can be replaced
  • Can last through extreme weather conditions

Smokers can be quite expensive to buy. That is why you should invest in one that is built to last.

This one from Bradley has an exceptionally well built exterior and interior. The door is double insulated and made with carbon steel construction. The interior comes with a stainless steel build. For added strength, the exterior also has a powder epoxy build.

There are lots of racks in the smoker for you to use. You can smoke multiple kinds of food at the same time. With this, you also get a cooking area of 572 sq inches. A smoker this size is great to have at home for parties and gatherings.

The interior has a stainless steel build. Therefore, the area is very easy to clean. Any oil and grime that sticks to the surface of the cooking surface can easily be removed. Another benefit that the stainless steel build gives you is rust resistance.

The smoke keeps on flowing in the smoker to avoid condensation from dripping on your food.


  • Stainless steel interior is easy to clean
  • Does not get rusty
  • Air keeps flowing to prevent condensation from dripping on food
  • Large cooking space
  • Build to last


  • Takes some time to heat to temperature

7. Camp Chef PG24MZG SmokePro Slide Smoker

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”350″ identifier=”B07R62LF7N” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”acadias-20″ width=”350″]

Highlighted Features

  • Provides digital control
  • Comes with new gen 2 PID controller
  • Has a 1 to 10 smoke setting
  • Added ash cleanout system
  • Weighs 144.7 lbs

Cleaning the ash from your smoker is one of the hardest tasks of using this machine. But Camp chef has made this job easy for you.

You should clean the smoker between meals to maintain hygiene. To clean the unit, you just have to pull a lever. The ash cleanout system takes care of all the ash and does not let it reach the food. You won’t even have to pull out a vacuum to clean the insides.

The machine can be used to bake, smoke, roast, and even barbecue food very easily. The wooden smoke enters meat and fish to give you a nice earthy and rich flavor.

Built with the new Gen 2 PID controller, the machine has a 1 to 10 smoke setting. You can use a meat probe to monitor internal temperature as well. The grill temperature can be adjusted with a push of a button.

Assembly is also very easy on this unit. There is an instructional video available that guides you on how to install all the hardware. It will take you just a few minutes, and you can get to grilling in no time!


  • The front shelf can be folded
  • Easy to clean ash
  • Grill temperature can be adjusted with a push of a button
  • Comes with an instructional video on installation
  • Nickel plated top grades are long lasting


  • Some users have complained about the unit catching fire abruptly

8. Old Country BBQ Pits Insulated Gravity Fed Charcoal Smoker

Old Country BBQ Pits Insulated Gravity Fed Charcoal Smoker

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs 330 lbs
  • Can hold 20 lbs of charcoal at a time
  • 1082 square inch cooking area
  • Carbon steel construction

Next on our list, we have this Old Country gravity fed smoker. The unit is insulated and allows accurate airflow. Thanks to this, you don’t get those awful condensations tripping on your food.

There’s a huge 1,082 sq. inch cooking area on this smoker. That’s enough room to prepare meals for a huge gathering.

The insulated chamber can hold heat for 12 hours maximum. There are three clamps on the sides that seal the smoke inside. This ensures that the food absorbs all of the flavors.

This is quite a heavy unit. It weighs around 330 lbs. But not to worry, the construction is equipped with casters that allow smooth portability.

To make cleaning up easier, the smoker comes with a commercial grade intake. Here, the grease drain valve makes it easier for you to get rid of all the grime after cooking.

This unit is capable of holding about 20 lb of charcoal at a time. Therefore, you don’t have to keep on adding the charcoal every few hours.

To give you easier access, the unit is also equipped with slide out trays. Besides that, the exterior has a carbon steel construction and will surely last you a very long time.


  • Large cooking space
  • Can be moved easily with the help of wheels
  • Comes with slide out trays
  • Removes condensation
  • Can hold heat for up to 12 hours


  • Does not come with a tool holder
  • Quite expensive

9. THE MONSTER by Stump’s Smokers

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

Highlighted Features

  • Aluminum door handles
  • Chrome bbq thermometer placed on the door
  • Made with modern and innovative technology
  • Offers optional accessories that can be bought separately

Next on our gravity feed smoker for sale list, we have this option from stumps smokers.

This model is the latest product from their horizontal series cookers. Therefore, it has been made with the most innovative and modern technology.

If you’re looking for a smoker that has a large capacity, this is the one to get hold of. It has a huge cooking space that allows you to cook for big parties at once.

The large space helps you cook bigger chunks of meat such as baby back ribs, large briskets, and Boston butt as well.

If needed, you can use both charcoal and wood to operate this smoker. This way, you can add different types of flavors to your food.

When it comes to construction, the door handles are made out of aluminum. Also, there is a hydraulic door and assist guru ball valve adapter. All of these features, combined with the very high-quality Chrome BBQ thermometer in the door, make this product long-lasting. There’s no need to replace this unit anytime soon.


  • Has a large space for cooking
  • Can be used to smoke and roast baby back ribs and large chicken fillets
  • Comes with a hydraulic door
  • Assist guru valve adapter added for durability and better performance


  • Not the right fit for at home use
  • Large size and heavyweight

10. Weber 23510201

[easyazon_image align=”center” cart=”n” cloak=”n” height=”350″ identifier=”B08H8VLC9T” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” src=”” tag=”acadias-20″ width=”350″]

Highlighted Features

  1. Runs on wood pellets
  2. 1008 square inch cooking surface area
  3. Comes with wheels for easy movement
  4. Porcelain enamel finished grill for easy cleaning

Last but not the least, we have this wood fired pellet grill from Weber.

This grill is a great option for at home cooks who are looking for a smoker with a large sized grilling space. The unit has 1008 square inches of grilling space to offer. So, cooking multiple types of meat, vegetables, and fish at the same time won’t be a problem for you.

The smoker has a temperature range of 200 to 600° F. This temperature is also applicable for searing on the grill.

For better temperature regulation, the smoker comes with two meat probes included with purchase.

You can use wood pellets to add more flavor to your food using this grill.

To make things easier for you, the unit has a Weber connect smart feature. This way, you can turn the smoker on very easily, and also monitor its temperature.

Another reason why we have chosen to keep this smoker on our list is that it cooks your food very evenly. The meat or fish will cook on all sides at the same time. So, you don’t get those small patches of raw meat on your food.


  • It has a 200 to 600 degrees F temperature range
  • Comes with two meat probes included with the purchase
  • Can be used to sear and grill
  • Does not cause any auger jams


  • The temperature might fluctuate a little on the grill

Top Gravity Smoker Comparison Table


Fuel Type


Wireless Temperature Control

Masterbuilt Mb20041220


202.9 Lbs


Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 

Wood Pellet

46.49 Lbs

Not Specified

Z Grills ZPG-7002e

Wood Pellet

84 Lbs

Not Available

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575

Wood Pellet

124 Lbs


Myron Mixon Mms-G33


880 Lbs

Not Specified

Bradley Smoker Bs611

Corded Electric

25 Kg

Not Specified

Camp Chef PG24MZG


144.7 Lbs

Available But Not Wi-Fi Compatible

Old Country Bbq Smoker


330 Lbs

Not Available

Srumps Smoker The Monster

Charcoal Or Wood

800 Lbs

Not Available

Weber 23510201 Smokefire EX6

Wood Pellet

204 Lbs

Not Available

Gravity Feed Smoker Buying Guide

Gravity Feed Smoker

If you want to buy the right gravity fed smoker, you need to keep a few features in mind. Check whether these features are present in the gravity Fed smoker that you are buying, and also check if the features fit your requirement. Only then will you be able to find a smoker that suits your needs!


Gravity Feed Smoker Size

No matter what kind of cooking equipment you are shopping for, space and size are very important. You cannot just invest in large cooking equipment, you have to consider the space you have in your kitchen as well.

This unit is often placed outside in backyards. Make sure you know how much space you can sacrifice for this tool before you buy the smoker.

Smokers are usually very large. If you are running low on space, you can find ones that are medium to large sized as well.

When looking for the size and design, also look for smokers that have a well-designed hopper. These machines usually have better fuel efficiency.

Cooking Space

Gravity Feed Smoker Cooking Space

If you throw barbecue parties quite often, or if you like to cook in bulk, you will probably be better off with a smoker that has a large cooking space.

On the other hand, if you use the smoker, and don’t have that many people to cook for, you can buy a smoker that has a small cooking space.

Running Time

Smoking Running Time

Smoking meat often takes a long time. Cooking your meat at the right temperature is very crucial. The best gravity fed smokers can run for 10 to 16 hours uninterrupted.

Ones that are made well don’t even have to be checked on. They can regulate proper temperature, and cook your meat thoroughly.

Advantage Of Using Gravity Fed Smokers

There are a lot of benefits of using a gravity charcoal smoker. This smoker has become wildly popular for being easy to use and low maintenance. Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits that this superb tool offers.

1. Low Maintenance

One of the main advantages that this product provides is simplicity. The smoker does not contain too many moving parts.

That is why, when it comes to maintenance, you don’t have to do much to keep this thing going.

2. Ease Of Use

If you want to increase the size of the heated area, you can add more chips. Similarly, if you want to reduce the size of the heated area you can remove the chips. This is a very easy process that can be done within seconds to make any customized adjustments.

You can add these chips whenever you want, making the change easy to adapt to. The chips can also be used in case you run out of fuel.

3. No Need To Regulate Temperature

The gravity fed smoker controls its temperature on its own. It uses gravity to feed on chips. Therefore, you don’t have to stay by the unit and regulate the temperature yourself.

4. Energy Efficient

Compared to any other types of smokers that run on let’s say propane, these units are affordable smokers.

You won’t have to spend that much money on maintenance, and on full supply as well. The machine is very energy efficient.

Gravity Feed Smoker Cleaning And Take Care Tips For Long Lasting Uses

Gravity fed bbq smokers are not cheap to buy! You have to spend quite a lot of money to buy one of these units.

Therefore, replacing the smoker can take a toll on your wallet. If you want to prevent having to replace your smoker every once in a while, you need to take care of it properly.

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can easily do to ensure a longer life for your gravity fed smoker.

1. Season The Cooker

Season The Cooker

We often season cast iron skillets to prevent premature deterioration. It’s the same with gravity fed grills.

Generally, gravity fed smokers, electric smokers, and even propane smokers can be used without this preparatory step. But, you should season a large smoker to add more flavor to your food and to also help the product last longer.

To season the smoker, you will first have to go to the entire interior surface of the unit with oil. Using any kind of cooking oil, peanut oil, or even leftover meat grease can do the trick.

Oftentimes, people say that using a neutral oil is the better option, but our opinion is that the kind of oil that you use doesn’t make a difference.

However, using oils such as canola or grapeseed, that have high burning point can make the seasoning process easier.

After coating the inside with oil, turn the smoker on and let the oil seep into every crevice of the smoker.

As the oil seeps in, it creates a barrier that makes the smoker sort of non-stick. This barrier is also responsible for keeping the smoker rust resistant.

Reaching a temperature of around 250 to 275° F will be enough. Don’t run the temperature any higher than this, as it could cause damage. If you reach too high of a temperature, and your smoker is not that high quality, there’s a high possibility that the paint on it will start to chip.

When doing the step, you need to ensure that the chimney is wide open so that there is efficient airflow. During this step, you can also add any sort of flavored wood to add a smoky element to your smoker.

Run the smoker on this high temperature for a few hours and you’re done.

2. Clean The Smoker

Clean The Smoker

Letting oil and grease build up on the smoker is never a good idea. A lot of times, the oil build-up can cause a problem with the temperature valve.

So, try and clean your smoker as often as you can. Don’t let the water reach the inside of the smoker.

A great way to clean the smoker is by removing the ashes and food build-up manually. Remember, it is not recommended to clean the smoker with water that often.

If it has been too long, and you feel like the smoker needs a good thorough cleaning, you can pressure wash the parts. After that, you need to let all of the parts dry completely and then reattach them.

Remember, after washing the components, you will have to re-season the smoker.

Also, try and use Royal oak lump charcoal on your smokers. This type of charcoal is well known to give a very good and clean burn.

3. Repair And Maintenance

Repair And Maintenance

Lastly, you will have to check for any repairs and maintenance on the smoker every 6 months. There might be some wires that have come loose, or there might be some parts that need lubrication.

Catering to these issues as soon as you can, will hopefully prevent irreparable damage.

It is good to take your time and give your smoker a good inspection to check if there are any chipped spots or rust.

Try and scrub the smoker with the wire brush and repaint it with heat resistant paint. This will keep the machine looking brand new.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can You Use Wood On A Gravity Fed Charcoal Grill Smoker?

Yes, you can use wood on gravity fed smokers. Adding wood will help add a nice smoky aroma to your meat, and won’t do any damage to the hopper.

2. Can You Use Lump Charcoal In A Gravity Fed Pellet Smoker?

Yes, you can use both lump wood and lump charcoal on a gravity fed smoker. If the lump wood is used in a vessel, it won’t burn down to ash and can also be reused!

3. Which Kind Of Charcoal Is Good For Use On Gravity Fed Smokers?

The right kind of charcoal to use on a gravity fan smoker is Royal oak lump charcoal. This is because the charcoal burns cleanly.

4. How Often Do You Need To Clean Your Gravity Fed Smoker?

If you have cooked a lot of food, you should always scrape down the grease and food residue immediately after cooking. Do not let the grease build up, as it can solidify and become too hard to remove afterward.

If needed, you can also give the unit a thorough wash every few months.

5. Can You Cook Fish On Gravity Fed Smoker?

Yes, you can cook fish, meat, vegetables, and anything you like on a gravity fed smoker. There is no limitation to what kind of food can be cooked on it.

Final Word

A gravity fed smoker can be a very useful tool to have at home. It is very low maintenance, does not require constant regulation, and is durable as well.

If you are tired of spending hours beside the smoker while your friends are having fun at a party, we highly recommend getting one from the best gravity fed smokers on the market.

Luckily, we have done most of the work for you! The high quality smokers that we have added to our list will surely not disappoint you. Just choose one, and you will surely be content with your purchase.

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