Top 6 Best Beater Knives in 2022

Best Beater KnivesLet’s say you need to cut something very hard. You wouldn’t use your expensive, fancy knife because it can dull the blades. But, as beater knives are not that expensive, you won’t hesitate to finish any dirty work with them, right?

So, you can leave your favorite cutting-edge knife and use these knives to do the difficult tasks. Not every beater knife can survive your abuse, though. You may ask, which ones will? Glad you asked.

Well, you can lean on only the best beater knives for executing daily rough tasks. From razor-sharp blades to super safe locks, these knives have it all.

Impressed already? Let’s dive into the details to find out how the features of these knives speak for themselves.



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Smith & Wesson  SWA24S

5 out of 5

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Grand Way Store Pocket Folding Knife

5 out of 5

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Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS 8.6in

4.5 out of 5

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CRKT M21-04G

4 out of 5

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Master Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife

4.5 out of 5

Our Recommendation of Top 6 Best Beater Knife 2022

You are unlikely to buy beater knives often. So, why not invest in a beater knife that will accompany you for a long time?

We have rounded up some of the finest and sharpest beater knives to make the choosing game easy for you. As said before, the features will speak for themselves.

1. Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops SWA24S 7.1in

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Highlighted Features:

  • 3.1-inch razor-sharp blade with serrated edges.
  • Made with high-carbon stainless steel.
  • Convenient pocket clip for keeping the knife in the pocket.
  • Aluminum handle with nice hefty 3.5-ounce weight.

Beater knives are excellent guinea pigs for performing your daily ugly and difficult tasks. But what if we tell that you could also use your beater knife as a serrated knife?

The Smith & Wesson extreme ops knife has a 3.1-inch blade (more on the quality later). Here, the bottom half of the blade is serrated, which means you can use this knife for making sandwiches and cutting veggies.

Speaking of the blade, the 3.1-inch blade is constructed of High Carbon Stainless Steel. Don’t let the fancy material name scare you because it’s the blade you should be scared of. This razor-sharp blade can slice through anything you throw at it. Even the serrated part is super sharp.

However, the only problem is the opening and closing. It’s not very smooth. The knife does not go all the way inside the lock. Of course, this has nothing to do with safety. The lock works incredibly well.

It feels very sturdy and robust and has a nice heavyweight (3.5 ounces), but not too heavy for you to have problems carrying in your pocket. Considering the budget range, this is one heck of a beater knife.


  • Razor-sharp black oxide carbon steel blades that can slice anything.
  • Serrated bottom half for cutting and chopping veggies.
  • Super safe metal clips that lock the knife really well.
  • The center is balanced when the knife is opened.


  • Does not have a smooth opening and closing transition.

2. Grand Way Store Pocket Folding Beater Knives

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Highlighted Features:

  • Knife blade made with 440C black oxide stainless steel.
  • Has a spring-assisted opening mechanism for auto opening.
  • Comes with a safety latch, thumb stud, and liner lock for safety.
  • Pocket clip for keeping the knife attached to your pocket.

As knives are both useful and dangerous, you should only strive for the perfect one. Is this folding knife worth your attention? Let’s find out.

Well, let’s start with the most useful stuff. This pocket knife comes with a spring-assisted folding mechanism. Unlike other knives where you have to open the blade using your hand, this one opens automatically after you press the thumb stud.

The Grand way store cares about safety, and it shows. This pocket knife has a safety latch. As a result, you can rest assured that the liner safety lock will never malfunction and open the blades unintentionally.

It also has a pocket clip so that you can keep the knife attached to your pocket. No chance of accidentally falling from your pocket.

However, we stumbled upon a minor problem. The knife is a bit stiff out of the box. To make things smooth, you’ll have to apply oil to the axial screw. You can’t really call it a problem, but our job is to let you know.

Lastly, we have the 440C black coated stainless steel 3.42-inch blade. What does it offer? It has just the right balance between sharpness and corrosion resistance. So, this one is hands down the best beater knife.


  • 440C black coated stainless steel that is extremely sharp.
  • The 3.42-inch blade is also corrosion-resistant, so there is no rust.
  • Easy to open and close, thanks to the spring mechanism.
  • Super safe due to its safety latch and liner locking system.


3. Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS 8.6in

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Highlighted Features:

  • 8.6-inch overall length and 3.6-inch blade length.
  • Blade made with 4034 black oxide carbon stainless steel.
  • M.A.G.I.C assisted automatic opening and closing.
  • Pocket clip for storing it firmly in your pocket.

The Smith & Wesson SWMP4LS is the older singling to the previous beater knife we reviewed from this brand. Does it offer anything new? Is it better than the first one? Let’s find out.

Well, the first difference you’ll notice is the M.A.G.I.C assisted opening mechanism. Unlike its younger brother, this knife automatically opens up when you press the thumb stud. This significantly reduces hand fatigue.

Also, it has a bigger size. The overall knife is 8.6-inch, the blade is 3.6-inch, and it has a weight of 7.6 ounces. By now, you can guess that it’s a beater knife made for extreme usage.

One of the great things about this knife is its glass breaker on the bottom side. Just in case you need to break a glass, you can use the knife handle.

The 3.6-inch blade is made of black-coated 4034 carbon stainless steel. Although many knife enthusiasts consider this to be an average material for a blade, Smith & Wesson sharpened it to the point where it can cut through anything.

Other features like serrette bottom half, liner lock, and safety locks are the same as before. So, undoubtedly this one is an all-rounder beater knife.


  • 3.6-inch large carbon stainless steel blade with sharp edges.
  • Spring mechanism that lets you conveniently open the blade.
  • Liner safety lock for preventing accidental opening.
  • Comes with a glass breaker just in case of emergencies.


  • The blade can be a bit tough to deploy sometimes.

4. CRKT M21-04G

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Highlighted Features:

  • Automatic liner lock system for secure locking.
  • Comes with a flipper mechanism for fast opening.
  • It has a G10 molded ergonomic handle.
  • Serrated bottom half for cutting wires.

Tired of opening the blades manually? In that case, an automatic fast-opening knife is both cool and useful. Let’s see what else the CRKT has in store for us.

First of all, it comes with a super-fast opening mechanism. It has a flipper that opens the blade almost immediately. The faster it opens, the sooner you can get to work.

Don’t get scared by the fast opening system, though. The automatic liner safety lock provides an additional level of security. When you open the blade, the flipper also becomes a barrier between your fingers and the blade to prevent accidents. Protecting you is CRKT’s top priority.

Unfortunately, the pocket clip it comes with is very small. It does not fit most trousers, belts, pants, or shorts. Of course, this is not a deal-breaker.

The G10 molded ergonomic handle can provide grip in all conditions. Let it be rainy or dusty; you’ll always have a firm grip.

And here comes the build quality. This knife is made with 8Cr14MoV, a fantastic material for this budget range. It’s like the AUS-8 with fairly good corrosion resistance.


  • G10 handle that gives you a firm grip in all conditions.
  • The flipper system acts as protection for your fingers.
  • Flipper mechanism opens the blade fast.
  • Automatic liner lock that provides extra levels of security.


  • The included pocket clip is too small.

5. Master Tactical Pocket Knife

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Highlighted Features:

  • Handle wrapped with carbon fiber.
  • It can deploy the blade super fast.
  • Very sharp edges that can cut lots of things.
  • Made with black oxide carbon stainless steel.

Well, no rule says a beater knife can’t be aesthetically pleasing to look at. If you care about the looks of your beater knife, we got just the suitable option for you.

The Master carbon fiber tactical knife, as the name suggests, has carbon fiber molded on the knife handle. Even some of the expensive ones don’t include carbon fiber. Not only does it increase the knife’s beauty, but it also enhances the grip.

This beater knife is one of the fastest opening knives available. The flipper system does a phenomenal job at deploying the blade immediately when you press it.

We don’t usually mention the pricing, but god bless Master for offering such a sharp knife at this budget. Of course, it can’t cut through everything, but it’ll get your regular, day-to-day tasks done neatly.

The only problem is that the liner locking system is not that good. Eventually, you’ll find the blade stuck inside the handle.

It’s made with black oxide carbon stainless steel, as expected. This material is robust and can hold up pretty well against corrosion. Last but not the least, you also get a pocket clip for keeping the knife in your pocket securely.


  • Carbon fiber molded handle that provides a good grip.
  • Has a flipper system that opens the blade very fast.
  • Excellent price to performance ratio.
  • Very lightweight and easy to carry, thanks to the clip.


  • The liner locking system may fail eventually.


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Highlighted Features:

  • 11-inch overall length with a 4-inch sharp blade.
  • The blade is made of German stainless steel.
  • Safe to clean in the dishwasher.
  • Ergonomic triple-riveted comfort handle.

We have talked enough about beater pocket knives, but what if you require a beater chef knife? Surely a usual beater knife won’t “cut it” as a chef knife. Don’t worry as we also have a chef knife for you. What does it offer?

This Henckels chef knife is the longest on this list, measuring 11 inches long (4-inch blade). Because of this length, you can conveniently hold it and apply the right amount of pressure for chopping those tasty veggies.

Speaking of chopping, there’s nothing this beater chef knife can’t slice through. All the thanks go to its heavy-duty German stainless steel blade. The edges have a professional satin finish that lets you cut precisely.

Worried about the blade getting dull after a while? Don’t be. This knife is “finely honed,” which means your blade will have a long-lasting sharpness no matter how much you abuse it. This feature alone makes it the best beater knife for kitchen.

The handle has a triple rivet design and is made with plastic material. The ergonomic design is sure to give you a good grip and comfort while chopping. It’s also dishwasher safe. How cool is that?


  • The ergonomic handle provides comfort and grip.
  • A stainless steel blade with a satin finish gives you precise cutting.
  • The blade is honed finely for long-lasting sharpness.
  • It can be easily cleaned because it’s dishwasher safe.


  • As it’s not a traditional beater knife, it does not have safety or locking mechanisms.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Beater Knife does not Close or Open Smoothly. What Should I do?

Some beater knives can be too tight at the pivot point. To make those knives smooth, you can unscrew the pivot screw a bit and apply tetra gun oil and then tighten the screw back.

Can I Carry a Beater or Pocket Knife with Me Anywhere?

This depends on where you live. If you live in the US, you can carry pocket knives or knives that have locking mechanisms. But, of course, there are some restricted areas such as schools or courts.

Can I Use My Beater Knife as a Fire Striker?

As beater knives are generally made with stainless steel, yes, you can start a fire with a beater knife. But don’t expect too much because they are not made of plain carbon steel.

How to Lock a Beater Knife Using One Hand?

Assuming your beater knife has a liner locking system, all you have to do is pull the liner lock sideways (generally to the left) and then close the knife normally. This should lock the knife securely.

Final Words

Beater knives are one of the most generalized knives. If someone hears the word “beater knife,” they automatically assume that these knives are cheap quality and only good for dirty work.

But, actually, the best beater knives can even replace your state-of-the-art expensive fancy knive. It’s unbelievable how much they offer at such a low budget range.

Warning: you might throw away your current favorite knife if you use one of these beater knives.

So what’s stopping you from getting these knives to test?

Up Next: Get a good quality ceramic honing rods to sharpen knives.

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