Jackson Pollock Popcorn, and a Butter Baked Goods Giveaway

I’m taking a little break from all the kale and beans and sweet potatoes this week to bring you this dark-chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn.

Jackson Pollock Popcorn | www.kiwiandbean.com

Let me be clear—there is nothing healthy about this popcorn. No hidden veggies or pureed legumes or anything of the sort. But that didn’t stop me and my ecstatic three year old from shoving the whole darn batch down our sugar-deprived pie-holes. (Which is an awfully graphic and unpleasant image, I realize. Sorry.)

I had planned to bag this popcorn up as a little Christmas offering for party hosts, neighbours and the like, but hey there are 29 days until Christmas, which leaves plenty of time for a second (and even third and fourth) batch. And besides, no recipe should be gifted without first being sampled. EXTENSIVELY.

Jackson Pollock Popcorn | www.kiwiandbean.com

This is not just dark-chocolate-drizzled caramel popcorn. It’s Jackson Pollock Popcorn from the cookbook Butter Baked Goods: Nostalgic Recipes from a Little Neighborhood Bakery. Butter is a beautiful old-fashioned bakery, cafe and confectionary in a tree-lined little neighbo(u)rhood in Vancouver, Canada. The same little nabe that I grew up in, actually. (Although fortunately for the state of my childhood dental health, Butter did not yet exist in those years.) The bakery turns out bars, cookies, cakes and marshmallows that have become a bit of a Vancouver legend. And Rosie, the bakery’s owner, recently published a cookbook sharing the recipes, techniques and tricks behind some of the most sought-after sweet treats.

Jackson Pollock Popcorn | www.kiwiandbean.com

This week I have teamed up with a great group of Canadian food bloggers to give away the ultimate Butter prize pack: a signed copy of the cookbook, and a big arse box of bakery-churned treats. Can you think of a better way to kick off the holiday season than with a box of sweet deliciousness DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR? I didn’t think so.

To enter the giveaway, just scroll on down to the bottom of this page and follow the instructions. For a drool-inducing preview of the cookbook’s contents and the bakery’s products, check out the other posts in this giveaway series:

Butter Baked Goods Bloggers | www.kiwiandbean.com

TO get the recipe for Jackson Pollock Popcorn: Enter the giveaway (see below) and cross your fingers. Cruel am I.

To enter the giveaway: (1) Leave a blog comment telling me your favourite sweet treat, AND (2) complete the “Rafflecopter” entry form below, providing your email address and confirming that you submitted a comment (Note: the email address is merely so that we can contact the winner; you are not subscribing to anything!). You can earn additional entries (and increase your chance of winning!) by doing a little social media following, as explained in the entry form below (optional, but boy does it give us the real warm and fuzzies). The contest is open to all legal residents of Canada and the USA who have reached the age of majority in the province, territory or state in which they reside. Contest closes Wednesday December 3, 2014. 

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