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Welcome! (And the backstory…)

Hello and welcome! I am Sarah, wife to Kiwi and mom to the Bean. Yes I pet-named my hubby and daughter after food. Totally by accident.

Kiwi is a finance-banker-ish type who swears he is on a low carb diet. The Bean is a toddler, who if I let her would eat PANCATES! (aka pancakes) at every meal. I have the coveted job of feeding them. Everyday. When I’m not playing lawyer at my day job. By day, I direct the legal affairs at TIFF, the fabulous non-profit organization behind the annual Toronto International Film Festival. (Shameless plug.)

I created this blog to indulge my bordering-on-unhealthy obsession with food and cooking, and document my adventures in feeding a hungry family. And by adventures, I mean: how the hell do a couple of working parents put healthy, tasty, superfood-filled (of course) meals on the table day-after-day, night-after-night? AND make time for the new season of Californication? How? I’m figuring it out. And I’d love for y’all to come along for the ride.

Standard amateur food blogger disclaimer: I am not a professional chef. Truthfully, most of what I know about cooking and food I gleaned from circa-1990 episodes of Yan Can Cook. (Did you know that guy is still making cooking shows? Amaaaaaaaazing!). But I’ve spent eons more time practicing cooking as I have practicing law. And since they let me call myself a professional lawyer, well…just sayin’.

Thanks for stopping in. I do hope you will settle into my cozy corner of cyberspace and return often to inspire your own adventures in kid/family/wife/inlaw feeding. I promise recipes, tips, tricks, and resources designed to make the food part of your family life a lot simpler and maybe even just a little more fun.

If you are social media inclined, or just want to make a girl feel good about herself, you can follow Kiwi&Bean on FacebookTwitter (@kiwiandbean) and Pinterest.

Yours in tastiness,


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