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(To-Die-For) Greek Yogurt Kale Caesar Salad

Greek Yogurt Kale Caesar Salad |

Food bloggers everywhere are guilty of exaggerating and overstating the quality of their recipes. Scan Pinterest and you will find more than one “best-ever,” “life-changing” or “to-die-for” concoction.

And while I’ve generally avoided such aggrandizement of my own food, I’m going to make an exception for this salad. Continue Reading →

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The Sideshow: Maple-Garlic Delicata Squash Oven Fries

Maple-Garlic Delicata Squash Oven Fries:

When I first heard about “delicata squash,” which I did years ago reading recipes on the wonderful blog 101 Cookbooks, I assumed it was some sort of California oddity. 101 Cookbooks is written by a San Francisco woman (Heidi Swanson), and if you follow any California-based blogs you will know that the abundance of produce available in that part of the world, pretty much year round, is enviable. While we northern folk are surviving on a steady diet of potatoes and beets, Californians are plucking permissions and meyer lemons, and eating kardoons, kumquats and quince. Lucky buggers. Continue Reading →

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End of Summer Raw Corn Salad

End-of-Summer Raw Corn Salad |

A friend of mine Facebook-shared this New York Times article about the end of summer, and reading it felt like taking a walk through my late-August psyche. Summer always begins with such promise for me–there will be at least five ferris wheel rides, I say, and a couple of weekend trips out to wine country. Plus patio dinners every weekend, barbecues with friends, boat rides and bike rides. This will be the summer I buy a new bike, I tell myself. Oh, and berry picking too–not a May goes by when I don’t make plans to pick strawberries in June and raspberries in July.

From the perch of spring, summer always looks “as wide open and shimmering with possibility as the summers of childhood.” Continue Reading →

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16 Crowd-Pleasing Summer Salads

16 Crowd-Pleasing Summer Salads |

If you have ever been on the receiving end of that “maybe just bring a salad?” email, then this post is for you. You know what I mean: friends invite you for a summer barbecue, you ask what you can bring, and the answer tends invariably to the salad end of the culinary spectrum.

And while no inviter dares specify what kind of salad they want you to bring, they surely don’t intend for you to show up with a clamshell of mixed greens and a bottle of ranch dressing. Right?

So when summer potluck season calls for something more impressive than a tossed green this list has got your back. These are the ultimate in crowd-pleasing summer salads: fresh, simple, flavourful and portable.  Continue Reading →

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