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Cilantro, Ginger & Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Cilantro Pumpkin Seed Pesto |

When you have a kid with a nut allergy, you learn to love pumpkin seeds. Not just love them but REALLY love them and use them in quantities that would have been unimaginable in the BA (before allergy) days.

This last week alone I used pumpkin seeds in a batch of granola, a couple of salads, some granola bars, and this cilantro pumpkin seed pesto. And I’ve got a good 3 or 4 pounds down in my basement pantry waiting to be transformed into countless other delicious things.

Sure we may not be able to eat nuts around here, but we take our pepitas very very seriously. Continue Reading →

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The best, and incidentally the easiest, tomato sauce you will ever make

Easy peasy tomato sauce from Kiwiandbean.comI consider myself a bit of authority on tomato sauce. While living in student residence in my first year of university, I ate pasta with tomato sauce every night. True story. Those were the good ol’ days when pasta, being low fat, was considered a health food. Sigh.

Notwithstanding the depth and breadth of my tomato sauce experience I struggled for years to find a recipe  that really knocked it out of the park. Until now. Enter Marcella Hazan, who I am told by the ever-reliable Wikipedia is “one of the foremost authorities on Italian cuisine”. Her tomato sauce with butter and onion (I know that sounds a bit gnarly, but bear with me!) has become a bit of a food blogger legend. Google “Marcella Hazan tomato sauce” and see for yourself. One is not a proper blogger until one opines on Ms. Hazan’s sauce, apparently, and so I weigh in…

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