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White Girl Dahl (Indian-Spiced Red Lentil, Tomato and Coconut Stew)

White Girl Dahl |

For as long as I’ve been writing this blog, I’ve been meaning to share this recipe.

I even found a draft—dated October 22, 2012—that begins: “Almost as soon as the clock strikes ‘autumn’ in my neck of the woods, I drag out my biggest soup pot and make a huge batch of Indian lentil stew, or ‘Dahl’.

Three autumns later, I am finally getting around to sharing it. Continue Reading →

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Dinner Soup (aka Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup)

Sausage, Kale and White Bean Soup |

Kiwi and I have a longstanding debate about whether or not soup is a suitable dinner food.

And since I’m posting this recipe for “Dinner Soup” you can probably guess who won this argument.

I will admit that some lighter brothy soups don’t quite stand up to the end-of-day hungers. But this is hungry man (and woman and child) soup, packed with flavourful sausage (nod to Kiwi), lotsa veg, filling white beans, and wholesome greens. It’s homemade “soup that eats like a meal“. Continue Reading →

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Purple Carrot Soup

Purple Carrot Soup by

I considered writing an entire post on riding public transit while pregnant. What is it about that cede-your-seat-to-the-gestating infographic that is so difficult to understand? On yesterday’s ride to work, I stood with my belly pressed into the face of a seated 30-something male who alternately napped (yes it was 815 am), ate a breakfast wrap, and blew his nose. And they say chivalry is dead! Geez. Earlier in the week, an ELDERLY woman offered me her seat on a very crowded subway, and would not take no for an answer. We had a lengthy awkward exchange, while the other passengers sat still and silent.

But this is a food blog. And there are more pressing issues to discuss. Like soup! Any doubts I might have had that soup season was in full swing were dispelled this week, when I walked outside to find frost on my car. Ugh. I finally dug out my mittens, too. There is no turning back; Old Man Winter is settling in. Continue Reading →

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