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New Year’s Resolution Brownies, from Cooking with Coconut Oil

Dark Chocolate Brownies, free of grains, refined sugar and dairy |

Happy New Year everyone! I took a longer-than-I-should-have Christmas break from blogging to entertain house guests, hang out with friends, organize my house and sleep (while I still can!). Oh, and to clean up after a little ice storm that brought down trees, power lines and Christmas spirits. Aye.

But I’m back just in the nick of time to talk resolutions. Have you got any food-related ones? I’ve got my mind on two: (1) scour the bazillions of cookbooks sitting on my shelves and make at least one new recipe each week (stay tuned), and (2) experiment with alternatives to wheat, refined sugar and dairy. Continue Reading →

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The Ultimate Busy Family Breakfast Smoothie

Formula for the ultimate breakfast smoothie by

I have been unacceptably delinquent with my blogging lately. I could try to blame it on the fact that I just moved house, but the reality is that it’s probably more a function of the summer lazies. Why cook dinner when you can order sushi, crank the AC and watch four back to back episodes of Downton Abbey? Who’s with me? Whatever the reason for my delinquency, please forgive me, and allow me to make up for it with smoothies.

I’m going to to out on a limb and suggest that smoothies are the **perfect** busy family breakfast food. Simple, fast and portable, a smoothie can be whipped up using ingredients you can buy, and store, in bulk. And a smoothie done right is a nutritional powerhouse: a great way to sneak in lean protein, leafy greens, fibre, and even a hefty dose of iron. (Try getting that from a sesame bagel with cream cheese.) And most importantly, especially if you have a little mouth to feed: smoothies look beautiful and taste like dessert. Yum. Continue Reading →

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Olive Oil & Greek Yogurt Snack Cake with Berries

Olive Oil & Greek Yogurt Snack Cake with Berries from

I find that baking with a toddler has a sedative quality. Take a rambunctious end-of-her rope two year old, give her an egg to crack, or flour to stir, and watch her turn to putty in your hands. Perhaps I am overstating it a tad but this has been my experience. The Bean and I often bake together in that pesky window of time before bed: when Mom is tired from a long day at work, Kiwi isn’t home yet, and the end-of-day toddler hysteria is setting in. Yes we could jump off the couch 472 times, or we could bake a cake. I’m going for door number 2. Continue Reading →

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When life gives you early mornings, make Morning Glory Muffins

Morning Glory Muffin from I haven’t set an alarm clock in 22 months. True story. As most parents of young children will attest, babies and toddlers are fabulously consistent, and insistent, little wake up calls. There is no sleeping in, no mistakenly hitting snooze one too many times, no drifting back to sleep to the soft sounds of morning radio. Sigh. Is it terrible that I am counting the days until the Bean can pour herself a bowl of Cheerios and flip on morning toons?

In the meantime, when life gives you early mornings, make morning glory muffins! Or cook dinner for later! Or go to one of those 7 am farmers markets! You used to wonder WHO actually goes shopping at 7 am, right? One thing at a time. Starting with the morning glory muffins.

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