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Creamy White Bean & Caramelized Onion Dip

Creamy White Bean & Caramelized Onion Dip

We turned an interesting corner with my son’s food allergies this week. Last November, after uneventfully eating hummus (with sesame paste, aka tahini) for several months, he had a strange hivey reaction to a tahini-based salad dressing. I was fairly certain it wasn’t a cross-contamination issue (i.e. peanuts on the tahini-making equipment or something) because I had been careful to buy tahini that was labelled as “made in a facility that only handles sesame seeds”. I figured we likely had another food allergy to add to the list, and knowing how common sesame allergies were, I guess I wasn’t surprised.

The allergist, however, was surprised, mostly because dude had previously tolerated hummus without a trace of any reaction or issue. So instead of “scratch-testing” him to confirm an allergy (which apparently has a high rate of false positives) she encouraged me to reintroduce the hummus and cross my toes. Continue Reading →

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The Sideshow: Sour Cream & Onion Smashed Potatoes

Sour Cream & Onion Smashed Potatoes |

There is very likely a food blogger law prohibiting back-to-back potato recipes. And as a lawyer I should know better than to break it. But here I am bringing you the second potato recipe in as many weeks.

Last week was a cinnamon and coconut-spiked roasted sweet potato; this week is a sour cream and onion riff on mashed potatoes. It’s a favourite weeknight side around here, mostly because it couldn’t be simpler: chop up some potatoes (keep the peels), boil until soft, smush them up with some green onions, sour cream and olive oil, and voila. It more or less cooks itself while you bake some salmon (or pull some pork or roast a chicken), steam a little broccoli and toss a salad.  Continue Reading →

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The Sideshow: Coconut Cinnamon Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Coconut Cinnamon Sweet Potatoes |

Global “warming” is not living up to its name right now. And I know it’s not terribly PC to make light of environmental degradation and ozone depletion, but hey, if it was going to happen anyway could it not have sent the “warming” up here where we need it the most?

In a cruel turn of events, this recent cold snap happened to coincide with our “Family Day” long weekend. Lucky are all the parents who got to spend three sub minus 40 degree days holed up with their manic children. Whichever bureaucrat dreamed up a February statutory holiday clearly has never pulled a one year old out of the pantry 47 times in one afternoon. (The Beansprout recently discovered the pantry, and is totally obsessed with opening it up, climbing in and finding the ONE bag of seeds or grains that isn’t secured by a twist tie. Ugh.)

I’m not joking that the only family excursion we made last weekend was a trip to the local dim sum joint—Kiwi pulled the family-mobile right up to the restaurant door; we piled in, carb loaded and then drove home again. Spring can’t come soon enough.  Continue Reading →

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Burrata Cheese with Grilled Nectarines

Burrata Cheese with Grilled Nectarines |

It can be tough work keeping a food blog. Like when you have to eat burrata three times in one week. (1) Create the recipe—eat the burrata. (2) Test the recipe—eat the burrata. (3) Photograph the recipe—eat the burrata.  Continue Reading →

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