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Asian Napa Cabbage Slaw

Napa Cabbage Slaw | (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean

After months of stewing, braising and roasting, I am so giddy to finally be ushering barbecue season into the K&B kitchen. Nothing chases away the winter blues better than a big hunk of grilled meat. Am I right?

I’ll admit that we have a bit of a spring/summer dinner “formula” around here, and if you follow me on Instagram you will no doubt recognize it: grilled meat or fish, oven-roasted veg, big ass salad. I serve up this formula at least two or three times per week, but to keep things interesting, I rotate through different marinades, veggies and salads. And on special occasions I add (*gasp*) bread.

This Napa Cabbage Slaw is a recent recruit to the salad lineup. I developed the recipe for our friends over at Belly Bootcamp (who whip moms-to-be and moms—including this one—into wicked shape), but it is SO good and healthy and fabulous in every way that I had to share it with you too!

Napa Cabbage Slaw | (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean

You will have a hard time resisting *raw cabbage* (yes, cabbage) when it’s tossed with red pepper, apple, cilantro and green onion and spiked with a sweet and sour Asian-inspired vinaigrette and salty roasted peanuts. It’s not only a great side for grilled meat or fish; it makes a perfect healthy lunch or topping for a burger or pulled pork sammie. You can change up the vegetables to use whatever happens to be overstaying its welcome in your refrigerator. I recently added sliced radishes and shaved broccoli, with yummy results.

If your kiddo is a salad skeptic like mine, offer up a deconstructed version of the slaw: set aside some of the undressed veg and peanuts, and serve with a bit of the dressing for dipping.

Now hop on over HERE for the recipe!

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What’s Cooking This Week: V-Day Edition


I’ve never been much for Valentine’s Day. Not since the late 1980s, anyway, when I dutifully filled out the “TO” and “FROM”s on drugstore Valentine’s cards and deposited them in my classmates’ cubbies.

But now that I’m a mom, these types of holidays appear to be taking on on a renewed importance. I got an email from the Bean’s preschool last week “inviting” me to provide Valentine’s Day cards for each of the 28 children and four teachers in the class. Wait, this is still a thing?! Indeed.

In a moment of sheer insanity, I decided the Bean and I ought to make the Valentine’s Day card ourselves. This is what good moms do, right?

2 sheets of red cardstock, 6 bottles of glitter glue, 2 temper tantrums, and 180 heart stickers later, we have 7 cards. Even this sleep-deprived baby brain can do that math—25 left to go. There may be a trip to the drugstore in my future. Continue Reading →

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What’s Cooking This Week?

It’s only a sorry excuse for a food blogger that would let Thanksgiving pass without so much as an acknowledgement of the food-centric holiday. A token pumpkin recipe at the very least. I suppose it wouldn’t have killed me. Sorry, folks.

Kiwi and I skipped Thanksgiving this year for a much-needed, albeit whirlwind, sans-Bean weekend break (Babymoon?) in the Big Apple. Instead of turkey, stuffing, brussels sprouts and pumpkin pie, we ate and drank our way through Lebanese yogurt, sheep’s milk ricotta with grilled bread, toast with mashed avocado and za’atar, Mexican style corn, (several) cappuccinos, macarons, beet and lentil chipotle sliders, fried cauliflower and jalapeño juice (phew!), among other tasty things. And thanks to some stealth Open Table maneuvering (I think I have mastered the art of the last minute online restaurant reservation) we scored tables at great restaurants every night. No babysitter required!

We also did a lot of walking and a bit of shopping. But mostly we ate.

Food in NYCI realized as we made our way through the city that we (really just I, actually—hardly fair to drag Kiwi into this one) have officially joined the ranks of the “those people over there taking pictures of their eggs”.  For someone who once rolled my eyes at such folks, I do take a lot of pictures. And shamelessly, too. This must be old age creeping up on me. Continue Reading →

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What’s Cooking This Week?

It still feels a bit like summer in my corner of the world, but the pace of my calendar and the length of my to-do lists (yes, there are multiple…something I need to work on) leave no doubt that fall is here. Lots of projects at work, family coming into town, a blogging conference (who knew such a thing existed?), and the approaching third trimester (gasp) for the little dude that I’ve been cooking.

My meals are looking a little autumnal, as well. I bought my first bag of brussels sprouts on Friday, and I’ve got a pepper squash and a butternut squash sitting in the pantry awaiting their roasty-toasty fate. On Saturday, I mashed potatoes and braised short ribs. (But thankfully managed to talk Kiwi out of serving them in the backyard.) And the freezer—yes, I’m starting to restock the freezer to prepare for the looong winter ahead. Step one: The Bean and I whipped up these whole grain, zucchini-packed dark chocolate brownies. Which probably won’t last the week, let alone the winter. But at least we are making the effort. Continue Reading →

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