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Slow Cooker Butter Chicken Sliders

Slow Cooker Butter Chicken Sliders |

This post was approved by Kiwi. I wouldn’t dare share an Indian recipe without his buy-in.

When I first mentioned “butter chicken,” he hesitated. And at “sliders,” he raised his eyebrows, as if to say—“could you be any whiter, my love?”

But who can resist a pile of slow-cooked shredded chicken piled high on a soft slider bun? Not Kiwi, certainly. And once he got over the whiteness of it all, he was on board and full of ideas: “oh, it would be great with a little mango chutney and some sliced red onions….oh and cilantro…definitely cilantro”. Continue Reading →

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Banh Mi Rice Bowls

Banh Mi Rice Bowls |

Despite my best attempts to expose my kids to the widest possible variety of foods and flavours, I have been blessed with a “particular” eater. There was a time when the Bean (now 4 years old) would eat just about anything I put onto her plate. And yes I gloated (if only silently), figuring I had done something pretty right-on in the kid-feeding department.

But I gloated too soon, apparently, because these days I’m lucky if she eats a plate of pasta and tomato sauce without asking me to “wash off” the sauce. Continue Reading →

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Cheater Chicken Parm

Cheater Chicken Parm |

If Kiwi and I have one more argument about bathroom fixtures or kitchen countertops, it might be the end of us. Seriously who would have thought that our views on solid surface building materials could be so darn divisive? Our last conversation ended abruptly with my plea to “stop talking about this or I’m going to cry”. Truthfully I was already on the verge—tears welling up in my eyes as I pictured our marriage falling apart over a tile tiff.

Renovation-induced divorce is a thing, apparently. Forget kids and financial distress; it’s home-improvement that pushes us all to the marital brink. Continue Reading →

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15-Minute Sesame Seared Salmon

15 Minute Sesame Seared Salmon |

I might get my amateur chef badge revoked for admitting this, but here goes: I’m afraid of frying fish. It’s the smell that intimidates me the most. Not so much the smell of the cooking fish, but the next-day house smell that lingers when you don’t want it to. What if a guest pops over unexpectedly? “I fried fish last night” I will mumble, my head bowed in smelly-house shame.  Continue Reading →

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