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15-Minute Sesame Seared Salmon

15 Minute Sesame Seared Salmon |

I might get my amateur chef badge revoked for admitting this, but here goes: I’m afraid of frying fish. It’s the smell that intimidates me the most. Not so much the smell of the cooking fish, but the next-day house smell that lingers when you don’t want it to. What if a guest pops over unexpectedly? “I fried fish last night” I will mumble, my head bowed in smelly-house shame.  Continue Reading →

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Quick Maple-Dijon Salmon

Maple Dijon Salmon | (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean

So I’m slightly embarrassed to disclose that my kid has a maple syrup fetish. Is that weird? If a stranger asks for her name, she almost always responds with “Maple Syrup”. When her teacher asks her what she did over the weekend, her usual response? You got it—“Maple Syrup”. This is a real thing.

Kiwi and I have tried to make sense of this, but we haven’t come up with much.

Perhaps the best explanation is that *I* have a maple syrup fetish, and it has rubbed off on my three year old. *Fetish* is maybe too strong a word, but I will admit that I am at least mildly—and probably closer to moderately—obsessed with the stuff. The last time my mom visited my house, she actually remarked on the maple syrup supply in my basement: “Well at least you won’t run out of maple syrup anytime in the next century!”

I’m Canadian, ok, so cut me a little slack. And there was a great sale at Costco, which is always sooooo hard to resist. But I also use maple syrup as my sweetener of choice, in just about all my muffins, granola, pancakes, waffles and oatmeal.

And in my salmon, apparently. Continue Reading →

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One-Skillet Trout with Green Beans & Almonds

One-Skillet Trout with Almonds & Green Beans by Kiwi & BeanConfession: I am absolutely and totally cheating on salmon. I grew up on the west coast where Sockeye was plentiful and inexpensive, and on my mom’s dinner menu at least once a week. I still love the stuff, and make it regularly for my own family. But if there is one thing I’ve learned in my years of central-Canadian lakeside living: there are plenty of other fish in the sea. Uh, lake. Like trout.

Oh trout, how fine a dinner companion you are, with your mild, soft and tasty flesh, low mercury content, and relatively moderate environmental impact. And a pretty cheap date, too–just 10 bucks for a sizeable hunk.

Trout is also great for a quickie! Like this lightening fast, one-skillet supper of trout, green beans, and almonds. Simple and quick enough for a weeknight family dinner, but beautiful enough for a couple of dinner guests. I guest-posted the recipe over at Belly Bootcamp–a fabulous resource for pre- and post-natal moms looking to whip their bodies into shape, and for anyone in search of healthy-living and eating tips. Head to Belly Bootcamp for the recipe, and then check back for more trout recipes to come. Trout and I have are becoming something of a regular thing…

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