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How to make chicken breasts taste good, part II (One-Skillet Peanut Chicken)

One-Skillet Peanut Chicken by

Some decades ago my mom tore a recipe for “Szechuan Peanut Chicken” from the local newspaper. She has made it almost weekly since then, and it has now become a regular fixture on my menu as well.

This was before the advent of the Internet, when recipes were cut from magazines and newspapers and lovingly tucked into index card boxes for future reference. Mom still has the shard of newspaper from which this chicken dish was born, though the version we enjoy today bears only some resemblance to the original. Continue Reading →

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“In the door” Quinoa Burrito Bowls

"In the Door" Quinoa Burrito Bowls with Chili Lime Vinaigrette from

Sunday is Mother’s day. I know this, because I have reminded Kiwi at least six times: “I hope the Bean is planning something spectacular for her mother. Her mother deserves it.” She really does.

In fact what this mother deserves, and wants more than a mimosa and a stack of pancakes, is a little break from the daily cooking grind. Yes, I live for cooking; I love food; and I spend most of my days, and nights when I can’t sleep, thinking about what I’m going to eat. But even this food-crazed mama needs a break every now and again.

Enter this week’s “in the door” recipe. Scratch that. This is so simple that it can hardly be called a “recipe”. It’s more of a concept: throw a bunch of things into a bowl; drizzle it with a zesty vinaigrette and use the word “burrito” to commend it to your family. And then watch them devour it while you paint your toenails. Ok, this is sounding super Meghan Draper. Dads can make this “recipe” too, of course. Lean in people…lean in. Continue Reading →

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Quick Moroccan Chicken Thighs Over Couscous

Moroccan Chicken Over Couscous from

There has not been a lot of cooking in my kitchen these past two weeks. We were in house “staging” mode for one week, and then house-selling mode for the second week, and by decree of my real estate agent (bless him), there was to be nothing smelly, nothing backsplash-staining, nothing fridge-grossening until the house was sold. And so we subsisted on a combination of restaurant meals, take-out pizza, sandwiches and ravioli. And vacuumed, bought flowers, dusted and made our beds–a lot. Continue Reading →

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How to make chicken breasts taste good, part I (Oven-baked Crispy Chicken)

I expect this will be the first in a series of posts about how to make chicken breasts taste good.


Am I the only one who thinks that poultry mammary is just not…well…good? I have always thought of chicken breasts as an excessively blank canvas barely redeemable by the most robust of flavours and fattiest of fats. It does not help that we have all, myself included, been fear-mongered by the threats of “salmonella!” and “cross contamination!” into rendering our chicken breasts into rubbery protein pucks.

But chicken breasts are good for us, you say! Indeed they are. So says Kiwi’s naturopath-slash-low-carb-enforcer. And these days I therefore have no choice but to cook chicken breasts.

So back to the point. How to make them taste good. In a weeknight flash.

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