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Power Cookies

Power Cookies |

While I was writing this blog post for you, the Bean ate a leaf.

Ok, she didn’t quite eat a leaf, but she picked a leaf from a tree in our yard, and took a couple of hefty bites.

I quickly fished the masticated leaf bits out of her mouth, and contemplated a call to poison control or whatever it’s called, but she assured me—in the way that only a three year old can provide assurance—that she didn’t actually swallow.

Phew, I suppose.

Except she now knows the attention-grabbing power of eating garden greenery. Bean: 1. Mama: zero. Continue Reading →

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Blueberry Oatmeal Chia Milk-Making Muffins

So I’m making you milk-making muffins today. Yes, I’m talking about THAT kind of milk.

Blueberry Oatmeal Chia Muffins |

I hesitated for a minute before going all boobie on y’all, but yo that’s mah life right now: 10 lb milk-sucking leech attached to my tatas; 2.5 year old attached to my leg. Thank god for cartoons on demand. And chocolate chips. These pacify big Bean while I pacify the little one.

My friend Katia nailed it when she said of her 10-day-old-baby-feeding status: “I am the milk”. (She has since turned this mantra into a blog where she writes—hilariously—about parenting and motherhood.)

Yup, I am the milk. The milk is me.

As any nursing mom (and cattle farmer) will attest, milk-making requires a pretty constant source of fuel. With some types of fuel—say the old wives—being favoured for their milk-encouraging attributes. Continue Reading →

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New Year’s Resolution Brownies, from Cooking with Coconut Oil

Dark Chocolate Brownies, free of grains, refined sugar and dairy |

Happy New Year everyone! I took a longer-than-I-should-have Christmas break from blogging to entertain house guests, hang out with friends, organize my house and sleep (while I still can!). Oh, and to clean up after a little ice storm that brought down trees, power lines and Christmas spirits. Aye.

But I’m back just in the nick of time to talk resolutions. Have you got any food-related ones? I’ve got my mind on two: (1) scour the bazillions of cookbooks sitting on my shelves and make at least one new recipe each week (stay tuned), and (2) experiment with alternatives to wheat, refined sugar and dairy. Continue Reading →

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Olive Oil & Greek Yogurt Snack Cake with Berries

Olive Oil & Greek Yogurt Snack Cake with Berries from

I find that baking with a toddler has a sedative quality. Take a rambunctious end-of-her rope two year old, give her an egg to crack, or flour to stir, and watch her turn to putty in your hands. Perhaps I am overstating it a tad but this has been my experience. The Bean and I often bake together in that pesky window of time before bed: when Mom is tired from a long day at work, Kiwi isn’t home yet, and the end-of-day toddler hysteria is setting in. Yes we could jump off the couch 472 times, or we could bake a cake. I’m going for door number 2. Continue Reading →

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